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I have a dream too, Dr. King.

I dream that someday, your words might actually be heeded by those who should have been heeding them all along.

I dream that someday, whites will stop being referred to as RAAAAACISTS, “honkies”, “crackers”, etc, etc, ad infinitum, ad nauseam.

I dream that whites will stop having the race card played upon them simply for disagreeing with those of a different skin pigmentation.

I dream that we’ll quit being castigated simply for wanting the immigration laws of this country enforced as they’re written.

I dream of a day when “affirmative action” will be referred to – by all – as one of the biggest mistakes this country ever made.  And that all humanity will be evaluated on their talents & abilities, rather than their skin color.

I dream of a day when bona fide  racist hucksters like Al Sharpton, Van Jones and the Rev’rnnnnn’d Jack’s’nnnnn  are finally seen for the charlatans they are, and chased out of town – by the very people whose skin color they share.

I dream of a day when the NFL will realize that the so-called “Rooney Rule” is total bullshit.

I dream of a day when morons like “Maxi-Pad” Waters, Eddie Bernie Johnson, Sheila Jackson Lee and Chuckie Rangel are turned out of office, because people have finally realized that skin color doesn’t matter, and paid less attention than their lunatic views, which should have disqualified them in the first place.  (I am, however, grateful to South Carolina for making that realization about Alvin Greene.)

That “gangsta rap” will finally be seen by all for what it truly is – racist garbage & hate speech against not just whites, but also blacks, Hispanics, men, women, police, military, government, everyone – masquerading as “music”.

That we can do away with groups like the NAACP, the Congressional Black Caucus, the Miss Black America Pageant, police, fire and other associations that carry the name of a race in their titles – because we have finally recognized that we are one  race – the human  race.

I dream of a day when I won’t have to write something like this – because people of all stripes will have finally, finally, stopped paying attention to the color of a person’s skin, and started  focusing on the content of that person’s character.



Denizens, I realize youse guys get sick & tired of me ranting and raving all the rime…


MERLIN:  Y’think?!

K’HADIBAK’H:  Whatever gave you that  idea, m’lord?

VENOMOUS:  Hush, you.


Anyway, I figured I’d give you guys some good news, just in case this had flown under your radar:  Widdle Mikey Steele is out as GOP chairman.

Wisconsin Republican Party Chairman Reince Priebus was elected chair of the Republican National Committee on Friday, defeating four other candidates — including incumbent Michael S. Steele — in seven rounds of voting.

Priebus never trailed in the voting, slowly building on his tally until he surpassed a majority of the 168 voting members.

Steele, the gaffe-prone former lieutenant governor of Maryland who was elected as chairman in January 2009, dropped out of contention after the fourth round of balloting.

Probably the best decision he made during his two years in office.

Don’t know much about Priebus – from what little I’ve read from him, Dan Riehl hates his guts – but he did oversee the defeat of Widdle Russie “Fifi” Feingold…and, even in this recent era of anti-Demoscum-incumbent sentiment, that’s no mean feat.

Time will tell if he’s any sort of improvement, or just a white Mikey Steele.  But I’m willing to give him a chance, at least, on the hope that he’s not as incompetent as Steele.

Besides…he’s not Steele, and that has to count for something.  Right?


His Nastiness and I have exchanged comments in another thread, comments involving the fact that the Left seems to believe that they need to ensure that we make the correct decisions.

Having said that, an announcement is in order. This year’s LCMS Southern District church workers conference will be held here, while en-route to and from the Yucatan Peninsula. I have made the decision that it is meet, right and proper for my wife and I to avail ourselves of this opportunity for professional education and spiritual renewal. Therefore on 31 January at about 1600 lima, we will be waiving goodbye to the folks still on the dock in New Orleans.

its a win win deal. I will actually learn something, have a good time, and do my part to ensure that enough CO2 is emitted to tick off every climate change nut job in the nation! 8)


Item:  Widdle Billie Maher, ABC/HBO’s resident chickenshit pussy, has this to say about gun owners.

“The NRA should just change its name to the assassin’s lobby, because that’s what they are” TV personality Bill Maher told Tonight Show host Jay Leno on Tuesday when asked about his take on the Tucson shootings (watch segment in sidebar media player).

“I’m so tired of hearing about the Second Amendment and the Constitution,” he continued.

Same guy who said this:

“You know, they’re talking about 60 votes they need,” Maher said. “Forget this stuff. You can’t get Americans to agree on anything. Sixty-percent? Sixty-percent of people don’t believe in evolution in this country. He just needs to drag them to it. Like I just said, they’re stupid. Just drag them to this.”

He suggested Obama employ Mafia-like tactics straight from “The Godfather” to get Sen. Max Baucus, D-Mont., to agree to Obama’s plan.

“Get health care done, you know, with or without them,” Maher said. “Make the gang of six an offer they can’t refuse. This Max Baucus guy – he needs to wake up tomorrow with an intern’s head in his bed.”

This gun owner’s response:  Wilhemina, you little pansy-ass, I’m fairly certain you’d rather hear  about it…than be living  it.



Misha put it very well:

So now, after the entire Lame Stream Liberal Media have had their 24 hours of hate, jumping to conclusions all over the place and all but demanded that Sarah Palin and the entire Tea Party be arrested and tried for murder, we’re told that “both sides do it” and it’s “time for everybody to calm down their rhetoric?”

You think? Now that you’ve had your opportunity to spread your blood libel far and wide it’s time for everybody to shut up? “The prosecution rests and insists that the defense shut up and leave the rest to the jury.”

Oh, and do you remember that those same Idiotarian Mediots were the ones who, back when Nidal Goatfucker Hasan ran into a store dressed in mooselimb garb, started yelling “allahu ackbar” and gunning people down left, right and center lectured everybody on how we “mustn’t jump to conclusions” and how it was a mystery, MYSTERY what could possibly have motivated that poor fellow to do something like that?

Notice, Denizens, how it’s almost as if these libtard pussies are now starting to outright beg  for what Juan McRINO calls “comity”?  They kinda remind you of the pseudo-tough-guy-type who, having had about two dozen snootfuls more than he should have and challenged the entire bar to a fight, is only just now realizing that maybe, just maybe, that wasn’t such a hot idea.

Now he’s on his knees, being pulled up by the lapels by the guy who’s just beaten the ever-lovin’ shit out of him and is about to finish him off…and he’s asking the guy to “calm down” and “take a deep breath”.

Such is it with the Donks.

Democratic Rep. Steny Hoyer of Maryland has called on the country to tone down its intense political rhetoric in the wake of the shooting rampage Saturday in Tucson that killed six people and wounded 13 others, including Democratic Rep. Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona, who’s fighting for her life.

Hoyer said on CBS’ “Face the Nation” Sunday that he talked to Giffords’ husband, astronaut Mark Kelly, who’s furious over the heated nature of recent political debate, which some have suggested might have pushed suspect Jared Loughner to go on a shooting rampage.

“I talked to Mark Kelly, [Giffords'] husband, who is an astronaut. [He is] very angry, very angry about the level of angry rhetoric that he believes incites people – not only that Loughner targeted [Giffords] in particular, but to target those in authority, whether they be judges, members of Congress, local officials,” Hoyer said.

I’m gonna say this one more time.  It’s not us that came up with the term “extra-chromosome Right”.  It’s not our side that accused the Republican Congress of ’94 of wanting to “poison the water”, “dirty the air”, “throw Grandma down the stairs”, etc.  We’re not the ones throwing around the perjoratives “racist”, “sexist”, “bigot”, “homophobe”, etc, etc, ad infinitum, ad nauseam.  And we’re not the ones who claimed that our idea for a health-care plan was “die quickly”.

Now some libs out there are realizing that they’re a liiiiiiiittle more vulnerable than that with which they’re personally comfortable.  And, like the chickenshits they are, it scares the fuck outta them.

As it should.

No, Demoscum pussies, the rhetoric will not  be toned down.  We still have a First Amendment around these parts, and as long as you want to accuse Sarah Palin of virtually picking up the gun and pulling the trigger herself, we’ll respond in kind and accuse you of being the liars, chickenshits and limpwrists that you are.

Don’t like it?  Take to the streets with your sticks, rocks and candles and do something about it.  Start the “revolution” that you’ve been braying about for lo these many years.

And see what it gets you.

I wanna live in peace as much as the next guy.  Honestly, I do.

But I will live as a free man, do you understand?  A free man.  I will not live on my knees for you, or for anyone else.

And if you think you can force that out of me…you’re in for a helluva shock.

You can stop this, liberals.  You can ensure that we live in a calm, peaceful society.

An apology to Sarah Palin – and the rest of us for the impugning of our character – would be a good start.


Is coming from who???

Darth, I know you’re probably going to start your twitching (if you haven’t already)….so be warned.

None other than Texas governor Rick Perry, said so here.

Gov. Rick Perry has just designated two issues as emergencies for the Legislature: Abolishing sanctuary cities in Texas and protecting private property rights in eminent domain cases.

I see someone has been trying to clue in Mr. Governor about that “WE THE PEOPLE” tidbit that’s been going around for oh gee….something like 230+ years now. Darth, I’m sure you’ll agree that this is just a start and that it’s ONLY a start. About as obvious of a start as Korrioth’s bouldered and creviced forehead, wouldn’t you say???

KORRIOTH: You realize I’ve killed for much less than that General?

SG RAYEGUN: Really??? Gosh I never knew you were so tender-hearted and puppy-like Korrioth!!!!

KORRIOTH: … {Sorry folks, we’ve had to edit redact spin depoliticize Korrioth’s response. Once his reply has cleared our editors censors spinmeisters translators we’ll be sure to publicize it RSN mkay?!!}

Anyways…..if you take the time to read some of the comments that have been posted in the Statesman article you’ll get a good laugh at the progressives in and around Austin trying to bash each other.  It’s really kind of funny. 

Until you realize these people have nary a CLUE. 

What is the old cliché?  Ah yes, ignorance is bliss.

And that’s just what the progressives have been thinking WE THE PEOPLE are for the past hundred years or so.  Ain’t it nice to build that brick wall and watch them ram right into it every time?



If Gary Patterson doesn’t get fooled by a Smurf Turf Eff-head State fake punt a year ago, this is TCU v. Auburn we’re watching tonight.


What do you think? Think that this would give the bad guys a reason to leave?


Let’s get one thing straight Right Fucking Now™.

The right didn’t shoot Gabrielle Giffords.

Sarah Palin didn’t shoot her.

John Boehner didn’t shoot her.

Pat Buchanan didn’t shoot her.

Michelle Malkin didn’t shoot her.

Bill O’Reilly didn’t shoot her.

Sean Hannity didn’t.

Rush Limbaugh didn’t.

Glenn Beck didn’t.

Nor did Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell, Charles Krauthammer, Mark Davis, Cal Thomas or Williams Murchison.

Not Bob Grant, John Ziegler, John & Ken, Marlin Maddoux, Kerby Anderson, Scott Wilder or Don Imus.

Not Dan Riehl, Doug Powers, Doug Ross, Allahpundit, Pundit and/or Pundette, William Jacobson, Jim Hoft, B.C., Misha, and certainly not Darth Venomous and/or Lord Spatula I, King & Tyrant.

No one on the Right shot the congresscritter from Tucson.  Period, end, stop.

In fact, given that two of this cowardly moonbat’s favorite books were the Communist Manifesto  and Mein Kampf, this little boil on the butt of humanity, Loughner, would more comfortably fit in the camp of the pathetic chickenshit Left.

So you Demoscum who want to excoriate Palin and the Right for yesterday’s shooting rampage?  Clean your own house before you come in wanting to dust ours.  After all the shit your homey Bambi has spewed forth, you pussies don’t have a whole lotta room to talk.

If any.


Drudge and many others (including Michelle) are reporting that Democrat US Representative Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) was shot at point-blank range at a local event in Tuscon.  There are conflicting reports as of this writing on her medical status, i.e. whether or not she is still alive.  Anywhere from four to six others are reported dead in the event.

48-hour rule in effect, and our prayers go out.

UPDATE:  The attending surgeon just stated in a news conference broadcast on Fox News that Representative Giffords is, repeat is, alive and in critical condition in ICU at the Tuscon hospital where she was transported after being shot in the head.  Currently, we have one dead (a young boy girl) at the hospital (making a total of six (corrections?)), five more in surgery.

Thanks be to God, and condolences to the families of the young girl.

UPDATE the 2nd:  Shep Smith at Fox News is now quoting the death toll at five.

UPDATE the 3rd:  CNN & Fox have confirmed that one of the dead is United States District Court Judge John Roll.  He was a Bush (41) appointee back in 1991.


(h/t to Southern Command Senior Radar Technologist Lt. Marky Mark via FB)

The entire Battle Staff has been replaying this video for the past hour or so almost constantly. It’s getting funnier every time!!



The Dullest Moaning Snooze regrettably announced the other day that they were comitting suicide.

The Dallas Morning News plans to launch a new digital strategy on Jan. 18, and it will begin charging for online and mobile access to some of its content on Feb. 15.

The initiatives include an iPad application; an updated iPhone app; and a new design and streamlined navigation for the newspaper’s website, dallasnews.com.

The comprehensive digital package only – including the electronic edition of The News and subscriber content on dallasnews.com, iPad and iPhone applications, but excluding the print newspaper – will cost $16.95 per month. Access to The News’ content on just one of those digital products will cost less.

Subscriber content will include proprietary news and information produced by The News. Headlines, breaking news, most blogs, obituaries, classifieds and nonproprietary content such as syndicated wire stories will remain free.

As I noted in their comments in the story, this “proprietary news and information” includes whiny-assed, angst-ridden hand-wringer Steve Blow (go here to read his attack on Christmas – and Stevie, what’s this we  Christians BS, paleface?), Maureen Dowd-wannabe Jacquelynn Floyd (one of her  whine-fests can be found here).

Then there’s Gromer Jeffers, who acts & writes like he’s on the Dallas County Demoscum payroll.  (Don’t believe me?  This is who little Gromie hangs out with.)

Plus, the site has technical issues which I won’t get into here.

And for all this, they want $17 a month.

Not only no, but fuckin’ hell no!!!!!  The site itself is substandard, a lot of content comes from Assphyxiated Piss and what they call “wire services” (actually, a good chunk of it comes from their next-door neighbor, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram), and the comments contained in any given news article usually contain a goodly amount of spam…and they want money for this.

They want money for something I can get for free through RSS.

S’long, Moaning Snooze.  Instead of trying to raise rates on folks who already think you’re not that good, how about raising the quality of your product, hm?

Or would that be too much, y’know, work?

RIP to what used to be a damn good newspaper.


This just in from the estate of Elizabeth Edwards:

“All of my furniture, furnishings, household goods, jewelry, china, silverware and personal effects and any automobiles owned by me at the time of my death, I give and bequeath to my children,” the will stated.

There was no mention of her husband in the five-page document.

You can bet the Breck Boy ain’t feelin’ the love no mo.

And while we’re on the subject of a good laugh, check out this video.  It’ll give you Crackberry addicts a new perspective on your electronic leash.



Gee, you’d think some one is having a bad day….. could this be evidence or maybe this video below is the cause of it all??

Yeah, I’m thinking the video has got her peeved pretty much.

Then again, this probably has got her fairly torqued off. (Note: be sure to check out Rep. Wasserman’s facial expression in the lead photo…gotta love it!)



New Year’s Day. Our society’s “Reset” button. Our culture – or what’s left of it, anyway – reboots, reloads and starts over.

And with every New Year’s Day – well, every New Year’s Day where I have something resembling half a nanosecond of spare time – comes two things in this household: New Year’s Reminiscing, and New Year’s Resolutions. A look back, and a look forward, as it were.

Aw, come on! Is that all you got?! >


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