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Memo to those of you who still don’t think TCU’s good enough to play with the so-called “big boys”:  Kiss our Purple People-Eatin’ asses.

#3 Texas Christian 21, #4 Wisconsin 19 (Rose Bowl

#9 Nebraska 7, UWarshington 19 (Holiday Bowl)

Dallas 14, at Pussydelphia 13

How bad are the Cowgirlz this year?  They could barely manage a one-point win against the Beagles’ scrubs.

Not many front-liners for Pussydelphia played today – Mikey “Dog Whisperer” Vick was inactive, as were Brent Celyk and DeShawna Jackoff, plus most of the Beagle defense.  Still, it was enough to keep a Stephen McGee-led Dallas offense off the scoreboard for 59-plus minutes (Dallas’ only points up until then had come off a Kevin Kolb fumble return by Demarcus Ware).

McGee then led Dallas on a 9-play, 54-yard drive that ended with a 4-yard toss to Jason Witten.  Terence Newman preserved the win with an interception, one of two he had on the day.

Dallas finishes 6-10, and we all wait to see what Jerry “Owner Jethro” Jones does with the coaching situation.  Given the upcoming lockout in the NFL, don’t be too surprised when Jones names himself head coach.

Let’s get one thing straight right-fucking-now:  The UWarshington Husk-Bitches aren’t.  That.  Good.

Let me say that again:  UWarshington is a piece-of-shit, half-assed excuse-for-a-college football team.  One that, I might add, was missing three of its starters in its defensive line – which clearly explains why it shut down the Husker running game.

Widdle Jakie Fucker Focker Locker is going to be the next Jake Plummer of the NFL.  He’s Ryan-Fucking-Leaf without the talent.  Which is why he ran rings around the Blackshirt defense.

So what happened Thursday?

Flat-out simple:  The Nebraska Cornhuskers…collapsed.  Simply collapsed.

Taylor Martinez played like a freshman.  No – I take that back.  He played like a fucking high school sophomore.  Cody Green came in after Martinez got hurt…and he played like shit, too.  And the Blackshirts let a pussy by the name of Jake Locker dominate them.

Shameful.  Just shameful.

At this point, I’m now beginning to seriously question Bo Pelini’s coaching ability.  Emotion and passion can only take you so far.  At some point, you’ve got to be able to coach up young players, and Pelini appears not to be doing that.

Otherwise, Nebraska, how else do you explain the fact that you just let a 6-6 Pac-10 team whip your ass?

Gary Patterson asked the media before the Rose Bowl:  “If we win, how are you going to write it? Are you going to write it because Wisconsin didn’t play well, because TCU won the ball game? That would be my question to you. Because that’s what we’ve gotten for 13 years. When we’ve beaten somebody, they didn’t play well.

The Lame Stream Media™ can spin this any way they want.  The fact remains:  TCU is one of the, if not the, best college football teams in the nation.

On the verge of seeing Bucky tie the game after a late touchdown drive, linebacker Tank Carder leaped up and blocked the pass on a two-point conversion attempt to preserve the Frogs’ hard-earned lead.  Bart Johnson’s recovery of the subsequent Badger onside kick sealed the win.

For Bucky’s part, Bret Bielema’s game plan was, to be kind about it, most curious.  The perception leading up to the game that Bucky’s offensive line could push TCU’s defense around at will seemed to be proven true when Montee Ball gashed the Frog line right up the gut for 40 yards on the game’s very first play.  But inexplicably, Wisconsin shot itself in the foot on that drive when Scott Tolzien’s only pass thereof clanked off Nick Toon’s hands, forcing the Badgers to settle for a field goal.

And Bucky continued to go to the air at the strangest times, even though they completed their share and earned first downs off many of the completions.  But on their last drive, all but one play was a run – and even though the pass gained 10 yards & a first down, why they didn’t go for the two on the ground will be a mystery forever.  You could make the case that Bucky tried to get too cute for its own good – and I’d not necessarily argue with you on that.

Nevertheless, Bucky will likely remain ranked in the Top 10, and the Frogs will very likely end this year ranked number two after the BCS championship game between Oregon & Auburn.  And they will have earned it.

After the loss to Smurf Turf Piss-ant State a year ago, I had extreme difficulty getting myself geeked for this season.  I didn’t think Gary Patterson & his boys could have a season as good as they one they’d had last year.

And I’m pleased to have been proven wrong again.  This season not only matched last year’s – it destroyed it.  And, because of the Rose Bowl win, it’s another Perfect Football Weekend™ by executive fiat.

Yeah, Gary – you can stay.    Now, about this disturbing tendency of yours to be suckered by fake punts…

This week:  3-2.  Perfect Football Weekend™ achieved (5).  Final 2010 record:  73-21 (.796).

Now, obviously, these numbers are skewed a bit, for the simple reason that not everyone that started with us, finished with us.  And the jury’s still out on whether Kansas comes back (indeed, the jury may still be out on whether Turner Gill makes it back to KU), not to mention the fact the this same jury is also out on Bo Pelini for the moment.  (And I won’t even address the aforementioned impending NFL lockout.)

But, as Yoda always said, always in motion is the future, so I s’pose we’ll see what happens.

The PFW will return in August, when we’ll discuss the theme for next year:  “Changes”.  (Trust me – there are gonna be a lot of ‘em.)

We now return you to our regularly scheduled ranting.


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