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Drudge and many others (including Michelle) are reporting that Democrat US Representative Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) was shot at point-blank range at a local event in Tuscon.  There are conflicting reports as of this writing on her medical status, i.e. whether or not she is still alive.  Anywhere from four to six others are reported dead in the event.

48-hour rule in effect, and our prayers go out.

UPDATE:  The attending surgeon just stated in a news conference broadcast on Fox News that Representative Giffords is, repeat is, alive and in critical condition in ICU at the Tuscon hospital where she was transported after being shot in the head.  Currently, we have one dead (a young boy girl) at the hospital (making a total of six (corrections?)), five more in surgery.

Thanks be to God, and condolences to the families of the young girl.

UPDATE the 2nd:  Shep Smith at Fox News is now quoting the death toll at five.

UPDATE the 3rd:  CNN & Fox have confirmed that one of the dead is United States District Court Judge John Roll.  He was a Bush (41) appointee back in 1991.


(h/t to Southern Command Senior Radar Technologist Lt. Marky Mark via FB)

The entire Battle Staff has been replaying this video for the past hour or so almost constantly. It’s getting funnier every time!!



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