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Misha put it very well:

So now, after the entire Lame Stream Liberal Media have had their 24 hours of hate, jumping to conclusions all over the place and all but demanded that Sarah Palin and the entire Tea Party be arrested and tried for murder, we’re told that “both sides do it” and it’s “time for everybody to calm down their rhetoric?”

You think? Now that you’ve had your opportunity to spread your blood libel far and wide it’s time for everybody to shut up? “The prosecution rests and insists that the defense shut up and leave the rest to the jury.”

Oh, and do you remember that those same Idiotarian Mediots were the ones who, back when Nidal Goatfucker Hasan ran into a store dressed in mooselimb garb, started yelling “allahu ackbar” and gunning people down left, right and center lectured everybody on how we “mustn’t jump to conclusions” and how it was a mystery, MYSTERY what could possibly have motivated that poor fellow to do something like that?

Notice, Denizens, how it’s almost as if these libtard pussies are now starting to outright beg  for what Juan McRINO calls “comity”?  They kinda remind you of the pseudo-tough-guy-type who, having had about two dozen snootfuls more than he should have and challenged the entire bar to a fight, is only just now realizing that maybe, just maybe, that wasn’t such a hot idea.

Now he’s on his knees, being pulled up by the lapels by the guy who’s just beaten the ever-lovin’ shit out of him and is about to finish him off…and he’s asking the guy to “calm down” and “take a deep breath”.

Such is it with the Donks.

Democratic Rep. Steny Hoyer of Maryland has called on the country to tone down its intense political rhetoric in the wake of the shooting rampage Saturday in Tucson that killed six people and wounded 13 others, including Democratic Rep. Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona, who’s fighting for her life.

Hoyer said on CBS’ “Face the Nation” Sunday that he talked to Giffords’ husband, astronaut Mark Kelly, who’s furious over the heated nature of recent political debate, which some have suggested might have pushed suspect Jared Loughner to go on a shooting rampage.

“I talked to Mark Kelly, [Giffords'] husband, who is an astronaut. [He is] very angry, very angry about the level of angry rhetoric that he believes incites people – not only that Loughner targeted [Giffords] in particular, but to target those in authority, whether they be judges, members of Congress, local officials,” Hoyer said.

I’m gonna say this one more time.  It’s not us that came up with the term “extra-chromosome Right”.  It’s not our side that accused the Republican Congress of ’94 of wanting to “poison the water”, “dirty the air”, “throw Grandma down the stairs”, etc.  We’re not the ones throwing around the perjoratives “racist”, “sexist”, “bigot”, “homophobe”, etc, etc, ad infinitum, ad nauseam.  And we’re not the ones who claimed that our idea for a health-care plan was “die quickly”.

Now some libs out there are realizing that they’re a liiiiiiiittle more vulnerable than that with which they’re personally comfortable.  And, like the chickenshits they are, it scares the fuck outta them.

As it should.

No, Demoscum pussies, the rhetoric will not  be toned down.  We still have a First Amendment around these parts, and as long as you want to accuse Sarah Palin of virtually picking up the gun and pulling the trigger herself, we’ll respond in kind and accuse you of being the liars, chickenshits and limpwrists that you are.

Don’t like it?  Take to the streets with your sticks, rocks and candles and do something about it.  Start the “revolution” that you’ve been braying about for lo these many years.

And see what it gets you.

I wanna live in peace as much as the next guy.  Honestly, I do.

But I will live as a free man, do you understand?  A free man.  I will not live on my knees for you, or for anyone else.

And if you think you can force that out of me…you’re in for a helluva shock.

You can stop this, liberals.  You can ensure that we live in a calm, peaceful society.

An apology to Sarah Palin – and the rest of us for the impugning of our character – would be a good start.


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