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I have a dream too, Dr. King.

I dream that someday, your words might actually be heeded by those who should have been heeding them all along.

I dream that someday, whites will stop being referred to as RAAAAACISTS, “honkies”, “crackers”, etc, etc, ad infinitum, ad nauseam.

I dream that whites will stop having the race card played upon them simply for disagreeing with those of a different skin pigmentation.

I dream that we’ll quit being castigated simply for wanting the immigration laws of this country enforced as they’re written.

I dream of a day when “affirmative action” will be referred to – by all – as one of the biggest mistakes this country ever made.  And that all humanity will be evaluated on their talents & abilities, rather than their skin color.

I dream of a day when bona fide  racist hucksters like Al Sharpton, Van Jones and the Rev’rnnnnn’d Jack’s’nnnnn  are finally seen for the charlatans they are, and chased out of town – by the very people whose skin color they share.

I dream of a day when the NFL will realize that the so-called “Rooney Rule” is total bullshit.

I dream of a day when morons like “Maxi-Pad” Waters, Eddie Bernie Johnson, Sheila Jackson Lee and Chuckie Rangel are turned out of office, because people have finally realized that skin color doesn’t matter, and paid less attention than their lunatic views, which should have disqualified them in the first place.  (I am, however, grateful to South Carolina for making that realization about Alvin Greene.)

That “gangsta rap” will finally be seen by all for what it truly is – racist garbage & hate speech against not just whites, but also blacks, Hispanics, men, women, police, military, government, everyone – masquerading as “music”.

That we can do away with groups like the NAACP, the Congressional Black Caucus, the Miss Black America Pageant, police, fire and other associations that carry the name of a race in their titles – because we have finally recognized that we are one  race – the human  race.

I dream of a day when I won’t have to write something like this – because people of all stripes will have finally, finally, stopped paying attention to the color of a person’s skin, and started  focusing on the content of that person’s character.



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