Welcome to the Realm™ - Version 5.0...

[SCENE:  Aboard the now-empty bridge of ISS TitanicAdmiral Darth Venomous has banished his crew to the friendly confines of Realm™ headquarters, and is now keying in some final adjustments to the course on which he will send ISS Titanic  for its final voyage after the ship’s core containment system failed.

Captain Korrioth calls Titanic  from spacedock control.  Lord Venomous answers the hail.]

KORRIOTH:  Admiral, sensors indicate the rate of containment deterioration is increasing.  We need to get you out of there soon.

VENOMOUS:  Acknowledged, Captain.  Just a couple of moments more, than I’ll kick this pig into gear and you can beam me out.  Stand by.

Aw, come on! Is that all you got?! >


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(KORRIOTH:  Oh, great.  More wormholes.)

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