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Over at Patterico’s, they’re having a discussion concerning Standard & Poor’s pre-downgrading of the United States’ credit rating.

(And yeah, that’s what’s going to happen – does anyone really think otherwise?)

Anyway, the discussion is starting to deteriorate to what one would rather have – whether it be a high sales tax, or a property tax, high taxes, high deficits, what have you.

Which prompted an Idle Thought™ I’ve been having for a number of years now.

Listen to all the political hacks & talking heads yakking it up on TV & elsewhere, and you eventually notice one thing:  They’re always talking about raising taxes.

Not revenuesTaxes.


How come you never hear anyone anymore talking about raising revenues?  You know – money.  Greenbacks.  Moolah.  Simolians (sp?).  Scratch.  Benjamins.

You get the idea.

No, it’s always about raising tax rates  that they’re constantly bloviating.  And this is both Pubbies & Donks alike – no party’s immune to this.

Ask yourself:  when has anyone ever paid a debt with a tax rate?  When has anyone ever funded a program – governmental or otherwise – with a tax rate?  Does Alex Rodriguez make $30 extra-large (that’s “thirty million” for you pussies in the Church of the SubTarded) per year in tax rates?

No.  We settle our debts, buy our food, pay our rents & mortgages, etc, with revenues – not tax rates.

Politicians bitch, whine & moan about raising tax rates, blithely believing that the population at large will just bend over and take it up the ass, and not do anything to counter government’s attempts to confiscate that which, rightly, should not be theirs.  It would be far better for the country – and ultimately, for the poli-hacks themselves – if they would concentrate their (disturbingly) limited focus on raising revenues.

And you do that…by lowering  tax rates.  By taking less of a producer’s hard-earned money, and by letting that producer do with that money what he/she does best:  Produce.  Invest.  Create jobs.  Hire people for those jobs.

And by doing so, creating more taxpayers for the cycle to begin anew.

Should you ever get a chance to directly address your Congresscritter (assuming, of course, that they’re not the type that tries to hide behind their local SEIU goon) – demand that they tell you what they’re doing to raise revenues, rather than tax rates.

And let them who have ears to hear…hear.


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