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(Hat tip:  Major Geeks.)

The 7Gadgets site is trying to say that this is the ultimate geek chair.

I beg to differ.

For this to be the Ultimate Geek Chair – it would have to be an oversized chaise recliner that swivels. 


If there’s one thing that pisses me off more than a libtard, it’s a milque-toast Republican/conservative.

So I’m reading this thread about Demoscum doing some yelling at a townhall meeting, and I first read this comment:

Not advocating, just observing, this is going to have to be settled in the streets.

Okay?  Okay.

It was followed in short order…by this fucking pansy-ass.

You’re in the wrong place. I think you’re looking for the SEIU forums.

Whereupon I once again see the RCOB™.

This chickenshit RBNY will likely never come over here to see this, but I’m gonna address him anyway.

Listen up, needle-dick.  Ronsfi is absolutely, positively, 100% right  on this – and whomever doesn’t see it that way just flat-out ain’t paying attention.

The Left is going to not only continue its thuggery, it’s going to expand it – and if you needed any evidence to that effect, just read Jennifer Rubin today (hat tip, Sister Toldjah):

The left has predictably gone batty over the resignation of former solicitor general Paul Clement from the law firm of King and Spalding after the white-shoe firm backed out of its representation of the House of Representatives on the Defense of Marriage Act case. Greg Sargent interviewed a gay rights activist and got a remarkable admission: The left favors politically bullying to deter lawyers from representing clients it doesn’t like:

Feel free to read the rest.

It’s going to get worse – not better.  And at some point, the bullying will  have to be met with a response.  We can’t afford to go all Gandhi here – all that’ll get us is killed, and the Left will win anyway.

All so we can puff our (dead) chests out and say “well, at least we didn’t stoop to their level – we’re better  than that”?

Bull.  Fucking.  Shit.

Look, if you want to wring your hands in (mock?) angst, pull a Juan McRINO and bemoan the fact that there’s no “comity” in the public debate anymore, that’s your right.  Knock yerself out.

But do me and the rest of us a favor:  Step the fuck aside.

Because if you don’t, when we do  have the SHTF moment, and the fighting starts for real…you’ll just be in the way.  And you’ll be helping them  more than you will us.

And there’ll be only one way to deal with that.


Denizens, someone correct me on this – but this doesn’t look like a “long form” to me.

It looks more like the same “Certificate of Live Birth” that Bambi & his sycophants have been trying to pass off as legitimate for the last three years or so.

Now Patterico & Worthing seem to think this is the bona fide.  Professor Jacobson, however, respectfully disagrees.  We are, therefore, right back to square one.

Aside:  Trump was on Fox News this morning taking credit for Bambi finally “caving in” (if that, in fact, is what he’s done).

However, Trump’s been going on about this for at least a month & a half now; thus, I tend to discount this.  It’s more likely that Bambi finally decided to address the issue after CNN got involved.

Make of all this what you will.  I remain skeptical for now.

UPDATE:  The Vicar does correct me, in fact, and posts the “short-form” over which there was the initial brouhaha.

So, fine.  For now.

But these are Demoscum, and Demoscum are simply not to be trusted.

On anything.

One eyebrow remains raised. 

UPDATE the 2nd:  Sure e-fucking-nough.

Never, ever, trust a Donktard.


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