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And Denizens, in this thread here, wherein Don Rickles is at a Shirley MacLaine roast and makes an allegedly “RAAAAACIST” comment (gotta get those five As in there y’know) about the Ayatollah, a comment demonstrating the average IQ of the Demoscum can be found:

oh is it diffrent when mentally-ill repubs go on shows you HYPOCRITES bush perry michele baucman oh mitt romney did 10 best things on letterman stupid bush pretended to be a war pilot on a ship lying again mission accomplished 10yrs later the mission still is a mission retarded republican with selective memory you forgot lura bush on show too.. let me run along you mutts are really a waste of reality time i’ll leave ya in koo koo for coca puffs land go play with froot loop bird

Ladies & Gentlemen…your average Demoscum.

Pathetic, ain’t it?


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