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Y’know, Week 1 is generally supposed to be Squash Week in college football.&#160 WTF?

Arlington Heights 13, Birdville 50

#4 Oklahoma 24, at UTEP 7

at #17 Nebraska 49, Southern Miss 20

at #12 Wisconsin 26, Northern Iowa 21

Liberty 17, at Wake Forest 20

at Dallas 30, Miami 13

Gee, y’think that Birdville was a bit pissed off?

After being eliminated by Fort Worth Arlington Heights in the first round of last year’s Class 4A Division I playoffs, the Birdville Hawks got revenge, routing the Yellow Jackets 50-13 at Birdville Fine Arts/Athletic Complex on Friday night.

The Hawks scored on six of their seven first-half possessions and finished with 445 total yards with 308 yards in the first half.

Now, Birdville’s no slouch.&#160 But it’s gonna be a looooooong year for my Yellow Jackets.

Bucky didn’t start well, but had Northern Iowa at 26-7 with twelve and a half to go in the game, then went to sleep and let UNI score twice within five minutes, then had to tip a 4th-down pass to seal the win.

New Badger quarterback Danny O’Brien was 19-26-219 & two scores, and Heisman candidate Montee Ball ran for 120 and a touchdown for Wisconsin.

In like fashion, Turner Gill’s Liberty Flames – heretofore slated to be squash-ees – began the fourth quarter tied at 14 at the end of three, but allowed a Deandre Martin touchdown with just over 13 minutes remaining.&#160 Earlier, new Liberty quarterback Brian Hudson threw a pick-six to the Demon Deacons’ AJ Marshall to tie the score at 14.

Nebraska had to score in the final minute of the first half just to make it 28-17.

Yeah, they jumped out to a 14-0 lead – Rex Burkhead had a nice 57-yard scamper on a good-looking counter-trey, and Taylor Martinez showed off new throwing mechanics on a 26-yard lob to Kenny Bell – but Southern Miss scored on the ensuing kickoff, then threw a TD pass of its own about eight minutes later, tying the game before Martinez threw another TD pass to Jake Long four minutes after that.

The Huskers broke the game open with three touchdowns – two of them on more TD passes from Martinez, who had five total as part of a 26-34-354 day (no picks).&#160 He’s looking better than he did last year, but he did have a tendency to revert to old habits from last year.&#160 If he continues to improve, the Huskers will be a force in the Big Ten.

Someone forgot to tell the Sooners the season started Saturday night.

Landry Jones faced pressure on nearly every snap, had trouble finding his receivers.

The running game bogged down most of the night. The specials teams allowed two blocked kicks, one that led to a touchdown.

“We just weren’t in synch,” Jones said. “It was one of those things where we would have flashes of greatness, but it wouldn’t be all as a team. But we came out with a W and that’s what we’re shooting for.”

In addition, UTEP blocked a Sooner punt, leading to its only points of the night.&#160 But they were points that put them out in front, and a team that should never have lead OU at all was tied with them five minutes into the third quarter.

But Michael Hunnicutt kicked a 38-yard field goal, and Landry Jones threw a TD pass to Brannon Green to go with the one he threw Kenny Stills in the first quarter to help the Sooners pull away – part of a 21-36-222 night for Jones.

But if they play like that the rest of the way, look for them in the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl. If that.

Not much point in recapping Cowboy-Dolphin, except to say that Dwayne Harris had another nice night, helping him seal his place on the team; several other nice performances led to practice-squad spots for a number of players.&#160 But in a nice change of pace, our reserves beat the crap out of someone else’s, which was good to see.

This week:&#160 4-1 (C’boyz doesn’t count, and Liberty kept it way under 50, so that counts).&#160 Perfect Football Weekend achieved (executive fiat) (1).

MERLIN:&#160 What?

KORRIOTH:&#160 Huh?

VENOMOUS:&#160 Simple, gentlemen:

at Penn State 14, Ohio University 24

Smurf Turf Fuckhead State 13, at Michigan State 17

Michigan State scored late to spoil Widdle Cwissy Peterson’s perfect season-opener record.&#160 Not quite as easy, is it Cwissy, when the other team isn’t impressed with your “trickeration” bullshit, is it???&#160

And Billie-boy O’Brien got painfully reminded that he’s got some pretty damned big shoes to fill, and the bastards across America who wanted to hang JoePa without a trial got it shoved right back up their skanky asses.

Revenge is a dish best served cold.&#160 Very&#160 cold.

The PFW returns Wednesday, when it will paint a picture of the penultimate NY Football Douchebag fan.


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