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Felix “Bust” Jones is still on the Cowgirl roster.&#160 This tells you everything you need to know about the franchise.

Arlington Heights 28, Brewer 31

#16 TCU 20, UKansas 6

at Nebraska 42, Arkansas State 13

at Wisconsin 16, Utah State 14

Liberty 14, at Montana 34 (Liberty covers SpatulaLine of 35)

Dallas 7, at Seattle 27

Heights had a 7-0 halftime lead, and traded scores with Brewer in the third, but the Bears wore down the Jackets in the fourth.

Turner Gill’s teams, ever since he left UBeefalo, seem to have lacked something.

In UKansas, it was a secondary.&#160 Here at Liberty, it seems to be a running game.

Montana came up with some big plays on special teams and offense Saturday afternoon in its 34-14 win over Liberty. But it was the defense that drew the most praise from Coach Mick Delaney.

“Anytime you go out and stop a team from being able to run the ball, you should do well,” Delaney said. “I’m really proud of our defense, especially in the first half. They were just tenacious and got some key turnovers.”


“I’m a little disappointed,” said Liberty coach Turner Gill. “I thought we would be able to run the ball a little better.”

The Montana defense held the Flames to 21 yards rushing and harassed quarterback Josh Woodrum all afternoon — sacking him five times.

The most drama from Huskers-Red Wolves Saturday came from the sidelines.

Bo Pelini wasn’t acting like himself on the sideline Saturday, and defensive coordinator John Papuchis could tell something wasn’t quite right with the Nebraska head coach known for being effusive and emotional.

“Not that I knew there was anything wrong with him,” Papuchis said. “He was just a little bit less vocal than he normally is.”

Pelini was taken by ambulance to a hospital while his Cornhuskers were in the middle of a 42-13 victory over Arkansas State on Saturday. He said in a statement after the game that he underwent precautionary tests that “checked out just fine” and that he planned to go to work Sunday. He later was released from the hospital.

When Pelini gets around to watching the film, he’ll like what he sees.

Taylor Martinez threw two touchdown passes to Kenny Bell for Nebraska (2-1), and Ameer Abdullah ran for a career-high 167 yards and two scores, filling in for the injured Rex Burkhead.

Bucky should’ve lost this game.

Utah State’s Josh Thompson missed a 37-yard field goal with seconds remaining, allowing Wisconsin to hold on for a 16-14 victory Saturday night.

Thompson missed the kick wide right, preserving a win for the Badgers (2-1).

And, truth be told, the Ags kicked the Badgers’ collective ass all night long.

Bucky, long known for massive offensive lines and power running backs that can run right through you (ask Gary Patterson), suddenly can’t budge a feather.&#160 They only ran for a total of 156 yards against Utah State, and what does that&#160 tell you?&#160 (Mind you, Bucky generally averages&#160 200+ rush yards per game.)&#160 In fact, Utah State outgained Bielema’s bunch, 308-234.

At Camp Randall.

No wonder the O-line coach got his ass canned.

Honestly, TCU should’ve hung half a hundred on Rock Chalk.

Pachall threw for 335 on 24-30.&#160 Waymon James & Matthew Tucker ran for 152 yards combined, averaging nearly seven yards per rush.

The problem?&#160 The Frogs uncharacteristically coughed up the ball four times.

Pachall fumbled three times for the Horned Frogs, and Matthew Tucker also coughed up the ball, each time as TCU was trying to cap a drive with a touchdown.

“We came out a little flat,” Pachall said. “We were just shooting ourselves in the foot. We felt like they couldn’t stop us, but at the same time, we were stopping ourselves.”

Granted, it’s a young team, and will make mistakes like this.&#160 Needs to grow up in a hurry, though.

He fucked up on the first play.&#160 He fucked up on the last.

Why is Felix “Bust” Jones still here?

On the opening kickoff.&#160 Bust failed to secure the ball, and had it knocked loose around the 30.&#160 The Seahags recovered, though the Cowgirls held them to a field goal.

Second possession, Jason Witten drops a third-down pass that he should’ve&#160 caught.&#160 Next play, blocked punt, recovered, run in for the ‘Hag touchdown, 10 quick points, Cowgirls never recovered.&#160 (El Choko would throw a pick on the very next possession, to give you an idea.)

On the very last play – a screen pass to the back out of the backfield – Bust just trots – TROTS!!! – up the seam…then trips over the Seahags’ 25 yard line.&#160 A pathetic end to a pathetic performance.

Yet, Jones remains on this roster.&#160 As does Witten.

Now, Witten might could be given a pass, due to his injured spleen.&#160 On the other hand, he’s getting old, and he’s not exactly Usain Bolt when he’s healthy.&#160 We’ve got a good rookie tight end named James Hanna who looks like he could be the next Jay Novacek.&#160 The Cowgirlz have to get younger anyway – why not plug this guy in and see what he could do?

Oh, but that’s not the Cowgirl way, y’see.&#160 Not when they’ve got all these dinosaurs who only won one playoff game their entire time here.&#160 They’re just too good, y’know (/sarc).

Owner Jethro’s satisfied with mediocrity.&#160 And that’s what he’ll have going forward.&#160 Doesn’t matter, as long as Cowgirl fans keep handing Jethro their dough.

This week:&#160 4-2 (Liberty covers; counts as win).&#160 Overall:&#160 12-6.

The PFW will return Friday, when we’ll guarantee that Arlington Heights doesn’t lose this week.&#160 See you then.


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