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My teams are running like my car.

In slight need of a good tune-up.

at #17 TCU 27, Virginia 7

at #6 Oklahoma 19, #15 Kansas State 24

at #25 Nebraska 73, Idaho State 7

at Wisconsin 37, UTEP 26

at Liberty 26, Lehigh 28

at Dallas 16, Tampa Bay 10

Against anyone else, this would’ve been an L.&#160 And, had this game been played in, say, December, the Bucs would have won easily.&#160 But this is the Bucs, and their offense sucks, and it sucks worse than does the Cowgirlz’ O.

The offensive line (and lemme tell ya, it is&#160 offensive) continued to fail to protect El Choko, who threw yet another&#160 pick.&#160 Jason Witten, whom I’m convinced is either still injured or has just lost it, dropped another three passes he should have caught, making seven for the year.&#160 (By comparison, he dropped six all of last year.)&#160 He’s becoming the C’girlz’ second coming of Widdle Terri Owens.

El Choko did well enough, going 25-39-283…well, except for that pick (it, of course, led to six for TB).&#160 Not only that, they couldn’t open holes for Demarco Murray, who only ran for 38 yards on 18 carries.&#160 (Take out the 29-yarder for the score, and…well…you see the problem.)

Might be the last gimme game on the schedule, so get ready for a lot of bad&#160 C’girl f’ball.

The Big XII must coat their footballs in butter.&#160 The Frogs lost another&#160 fumble through the back of the end zone, and Pachall threw his first pick of the year.

Fortunately, Kenny Cain and the TCU defense pitched another near-shutout, only getting scored upon when Jason Verrett stupidly jumped up to make a Big Production Number&#153 out of a third interception…only to drop the ball.&#160 Nice.

Brandon Carter caught two TD passes (part of a 21-32-305 day for Pachall), both of the one-handed variety, and Josh Boyce broke the Frog career record for touchdown catches with his 18th.

Matthew Tucker and Trayvon Boykin ran for about fifty yards apiece to lead the Frog ground attack.&#160 Boykin probably ought to be starting at RB – this kid is scary fast.&#160 Put him in, let him stretch the defenses, then let Pachall kill ’em over the top with play-action.&#160 Best way to win the Big XII, IYAM.

Liberty’s getting closer, is all I’ll say.&#160 They had a chance to tie with a minute left against Lehigh, but missed the two-point attempt.

It didn’t start out pretty for Bucky.&#160 UTEP scored the first touchdown off a turnover when Montee Ball got smacked and coughed up the ball.

Fortunately, Devin Smith blocked the PAT, ran it back for two, and UTEP didn’t seriously threaten the rest of the day, although they would hang around the rest of the day.

James White & Melvin Gordon picked up where Ball left off, running for nearly 190 yards.&#160 Joel Stave was a workmanlike 12-17-210, with a TD and a pick in sealing his takeover of the Badger QB spot from Danny O’Brien.

Coming into Lincoln, Idaho State had lost 33 straight road games.

You didn’t really&#160 think they were gonna have a chance in this one, did you?

The Huskers scored on offense.&#160 They scored on defense.&#160 They scored on special teams.&#160 They lead 35-0 after one, 45-0 at half, and 66-0 after three. Rex Burkhead & Imani Cross ran for 119 & 100 yards, respectively.&#160 Taylor Martinez was 9-13-165 with a couple of scores.&#160 Nebraska had 569 yards of total offense, 385 of that on the ground.

Nice little appetizer before Big Eleven Twelve Ten play.

The Oklahoma quarterbacks flat-out gave this one away.

A handful of critical mistakes by the Sooners’ quarterbacks did them in.

Jones’ first big gaffe came as he rolled to his right near his own goal line and was hit by Justin Tuggle, with the ball squirting free. Childs picked it up and scored to give K-State an early 7-3 lead and a big shot of momentum.

Oklahoma was within a yard of pulling even when Blake Bell, Jones’ backup who runs a power set called the “Belldozer,” fumbled away a snap to snuff out a promising drive.

“It’s just bad football when you turn the football over, give (up) a touchdown when you’re inside the 1-yard line on second down and you lose the football,” Stoops said. “It’s just bad football.

“You give up three turnovers and don’t get one, you’re going to lose against a good football team. That’s how it went.”

No kidding.&#160 And Bob – until you can teach these kids some mental toughness & ball protection, you’ve lost your last chance at a national championship for awhile.&#160 It’s a given that you won’t get it this year.

I was tempted to declare another Executive Fiat&#153 week since Rutgers beat Arkansas – but Rutgers is a Division I-A school, so it’s not like it was a complete shock.&#160 The Piggies have lost three in a row, though, and that’s always nice.

This week:&#160 5-1 (Liberty covers the SpatulaLine).&#160 Overall:&#160 17-7.

The PFW will return Friday, when we will guaran-damn-fuckin’-tee a loss for Arlington Heights, and bemoan the demise of Fort Worth high-school football, thanks to the (hack, spit) UIL (hack, spit).


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