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Y’know, I don’t want to say that liberalism translates to automatic stupidity – well, yes I do, but work with me here, okay? – but how else can you explain posting a comment on a site that’s been all but abandoned, when the poster must&#160 know that just about no one’s gonna see it?

That is, unless I bring it out here and ridicule the damnfool about it. (chuckle)

So I’m just piddling around last night, and I stop by my old Haloscan account – the one that was associated with the old Bogsnot site.&#160 It is&#160 true that JBeez, my personal bitchboy, had posted a bit of keyboard-based flatulence there during the Terri Schiavo memorial, but that was quickly disposed of, and the links to the comments on the main page removed.

Anyway, I’m there, and I find some fuckhead has posted something new.&#160 And I don’t even know which thread this idiot was commenting on, and I have not the slightest inclination to find out.&#160 Primarily because I don’t care.

But if this dumbass, who posted under the name of “Mark”, wants his 14.5 minutes in the limelight, who am I to deny him?

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS..the leftists always show themselves to be so much more intelligent, educated, informed

That’s why you posted to a blog that has been pretty much vacated – right, dumb fuck?&#160 Just like cockroaches that come out into the open in a house that has long since been abandoned.&#160 Quite the comforting parallel, since it describes you morons to a T.

and tolerant than the 51% of the opposite side.

Oh, yes.&#160 “Tolerant”.&#160 Just like the five Demoscum who slashed Republican tires on Election Day.&#160 Yeah, that’s tolerant, all right, asswipe.

It’s encouraging of the idea that this country may yet survive this unpleasant era dominated by idiots’ blind faith in leaders motivated by everything but the interest of their sychophantic minions who bend kindly over and say, “more please, sirs, screw me in the kiester all you want, just please don’t let my neighbor screw my other neighbor in his hiney, that’s all that matters to me, my own butt be damned.”

You seem to have an obsession with anal sex.&#160 Bathhouse much, limp-wrist? (snicker)

At any rate, if you want to come call me a “sychophantic minion” to my face, I figure you know where to find me.

That is, if you have balls enough to get your skanky ass handed to you, Marci.&#160 I’m ready when you are.

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One response to “Comments, we get comments…well, sort of.”

  1. Elephant Man says:

    I still laugh out loud whenever I think of the times JBeez was reduced to a gibbering, shrieking, french fry cooking ass-monkey.

    Just the thought of that little grease-chimp getting all whiny and shrill as he tried to convince everyone that he was something other than a reject from the fast food industry has me ROFLMAO

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