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So our betters in the Imperial Socialist Congress™ figure they’re just gonna run over our asses with this zhamesty bill, right?

Well, not so fast there, Sparky.

Momentum is building against immigration legislation among Senate Republicans, said Senator John Cornyn of Texas, who is opposing his old ally, President George W. Bush, on this issue.

“We’re beginning to see some of the people that would have ordinarily voted to proceed with the bill to say, ‘hey, this process is not fair, it’s not transparent’”, Cornyn said in an interview with Bloomberg Television’s “Political Capital with Al Hunt,” scheduled to air today. “The way this bill has come up has caused it some serious problems.”

Damned right it has, Senator Doofus.  Chief amongst which is that the American people – that is to say, the real  ones, the legal  Americans, as opposed to the 20 million whose asses you bastards are so intent on kissing – don’t want this crock of shit to become law.

In an attempt to resuscitate the measure, Senate leaders agreed this week on a limited package of about two dozen amendments to be considered next week.

Anything they can do to ram it down the throats of us commoners, eh what?

Cornyn said that isn’t enough.

“This is a bill that was written behind closed doors by a small group of senators, and now it’s being brought to the floor again without an opportunity to offer, freely offer, amendments and to have the kind of debate that I think this topic deserves,” the senator said.

But…but…but…but that’s Standard Operating Procedure™ for you twits!!!  Isn’t  it, Senator Cor-Whorenyn?

Cornyn said the congressional debate on what to do with the 12 million immigrants illegally in the U.S. has “fallen short” because it has focused only on whether to give them citizenship or deport them.

Precisely.  And it needs  to be “how best can we catch and deport these pendejos, and never let them back in the fucking door?”  That’s  what it needs to be!

The current proposal, which would let undocumented immigrants gain legal status after paying a fine, isn’t sufficient punishment for people in this country illegally, the senator said. “It looks like we’re selling American citizenship,” he said.

Because that’s exactly what you fuckers are doing,  Cor-Whore.

You turds are wanting to charge these ILLEGAL ALIENS five-large for the right to stay here, or at the very least go touch a toe back on Messy-can soil, then go to the front of the line for fast-track citizenship.  Ahead  of those honorable Mexican nationals who are following the fucking process!!!

All so that your masters at Big Business™ can have all the cheap-assed labor they crave.

In fact, five’ll get you ten that this is nothing more than code-speak for the rest  of Cor-Whore’s co-conspirators in the Senate that’s really saying, “Dammit!  We’re not camoflauging this well enough!  We’re not doing a good-enough job of fooling those proletariat  swine!!!”

Y’know, Cor-Whorenyn, it’d go a lot easier for you fuckwads up there if you’d just be honest with us and just say you don’t give a damn about the American people who put you in your position in the first place.  Not that it’s going to go all that well for you when we’ve finally decided we’ve had enough…

Cornyn said the U.S. would be in “big trouble” if failure to pass immigration legislation blocked an increase in the number of visas for skilled workers, as sought by technology companies including Google Inc., owner of the most popular Internet search engine, and Microsoft Corp., the world’s largest software maker.

“This is more than just about low-skilled, relatively poorly educated individuals who are picking crops or working on construction sites,” he said.

“This is about keeping the best and the brightest, the kind of people who train in American universities and who we end up now, under our current policy, sending home so they can compete with us and take jobs overseas,” the senator said.

Awright, I call bullshit.

I’d like to see 1000 of these illegal fuckheads that fit that description, Cor-Whore.  Give me their names, tell me where they are, show me what they’re majoring in.

The fact is that those who are intelligent enough to be going to universities and learning high-tech skills aren’t the ones crossing the border in the middle of the night, nor are they the ones paying illgal money to the coyotes  to bring them here in overheated big-rig trailers, okay?  They know that there’s a right  way to come over here, and a wrong  way.  And they’re doing things the right  way.

And my best friend just happens to be one of those people who did just that.  Allow me to introduce you to him.

“I actually would like to see us pass comprehensive immigration reform.”

There’s your money quote, right there, guys.

This pussy isn’t interested in securing our borders.  He’s not interested in rounding up the ILLEGAL ALIENS who aren’t supposed to be here and throwing their sorry asses out of the country.  Cor-Whore doesn’t give a fat rat’s ass whether an Al-Qaida terrorist can cross our border and detonate a suitcase nuke in downtown Houston or Dallas or God-knows-where.  All this motherfucker wants is his so-called comprehensive immigration reform, so that They Who Truly Hold His Leash™ will give him a cookie.  One wonders how big the kickbacks from his Big Business™ masters are going to be.

I think it’s probably about time you came home, Johnny-Boy Cor-Whorenyn.

With the backing of Democrats who backed the legislation earlier this month, supporters will need almost two dozen Republicans to move forward.

“We’ll find out on Tuesday if there’s 60 senators,” Cornyn said. “It really changes minute by minute.”

Can’tcha just hear the Chrismassy tone in his voice, Denizens?  This son-of-a-bitch wants  the bill to go forward.  He wants  to throw the borders wide-fucking-open.  He and the rest  of the fucking bourgeois  up there.

Keep up the good work up there, dipshits.  We’re almost through locking & loading down here in Commonerville.

Fucking bastard asswipes.


2 Comments to “Pro-alien Senate whores reacting poorly to pressure”

  1. Supreme General Rayegun — June 24, 2007 @ 2:05 pm

    {tries to calm the gathering masses}

    “Ahem….your attention please. The commander of the Southern outpost ‘Area5Xp’ has requested to make a motion before this body. General, please proceed.”

    Thank you sir. At this time I would like to make a motion that under the Texas Constitution allows the great State of Texas to secede from the from the rest of the country.

    It is patently clear that the controlling body in the Legislature has no intent on “protecting it’s citizenry”. That is no more clearly stated than with the frenzied attempts of the Congress to pass a bill that said citizenry DO NOT WISH. Thereby making Congress beholden not to those who gave the Senators and Representatives their jobs, but to their own clearly maligned perception of what is right and what is wrong, and moreso to their back-alley thug agendas.

    I request that this motion be brought to an immediate vote.

    Thank you.

  2. LC MOMinuteman — June 25, 2007 @ 12:43 pm

    In addition to serving their monied masters and fishing for votes, they are trying to get this steaming pile of shit passed A.S.A.P. so that the most amount of time passes before the next election.

    They are banking on the Short Attention Span Theater that is America today to forget how they fucked us over before the next election so they can hang on to their precious positions of power. If it wasn’t for the fact they need our votes to stay in their seats, can you imagine how badly they would be fucking us over??

    If they really wanted to pass this without the proles pitching a bitch, they’d just wait for the next season of American Idiot, then 75% of the country would be more concerned with how many votes their ‘tard of choice is getting each week than with how many votes the Fuck The Legal Citizens bill is getting.

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