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Today’s edition of the Perfect Football Weekend™ starts with a commentary on a commentary.

By now, you’ve heard about the Mike Gundy brouhaha. The Oklahoma State football coach went a little rantblog on the media (the tirade is here if you haven’t seen it) after their stunning surprising not-terribly unexpected upset of Texas Tech.

(SIDE NOTE: No, really, it wasn’t that unexpected. If SMU can put up 21 on ‘em…)

Anyway, the question has been raised this week about whether college f’ball players should be held up to the same level of criticism as the pros. Certainly I dumped my share of abuse on Cowboys cornerback Quincy Butler when he was with TCU (and trust me, I didn’t call him “Toast” for nothing).

On the one hand, you think that if they can’t handle the criticism, why are they even out there in the first place. On the other, they are just collegians, and they’re supposed to be there to receive an education; playing football, even if on scholarship, is supposed to be secondary.

(Slight pause while the overwhelming majority of you recover from the ROFL jag. Sorry there was no spew alert.)

So how much criticism deserves to go to the player? Then again, how much criticism should be giddily heaped on the media? (Boy, do I give you guys raw meat or what?)

Discuss. (For my part, I dunno. If college f’ball players’ psyches are that damned fragile, why the Hell™ are they out there in the first place?)

Let’s get on with the PFW. My (Fort Worth) Arlington Heights Yellow Jackets are back in action this week against the Kennedale Wildcats in Kennedale. Last week, the ‘Cats destroyed Azle, a team Heights just barely handled, by a score of 52-24. I’m going to go out on a limb (*cough*) and predict a Kennedale victory.

Saturday, Turner Gill’s UBuffalo Bulls travel to Ball State to play…uh, what is the mascot of Ball State anyway?

The Vegas line is BS by 16½…

CADET BEAVIS:  Hehheh, heh, hehheh, he said “BS”.

CADET BUTTHEAD:  Huh, huh, huhhuh, huh, huhhuh.

LSIK&T:  Shut up, you two.

…so as long as the Bulls can avoid losing by 31 or more, we’ll count it.

Saturday morning, second-ranked LSU has the Tulane Green Wave for breakfast. The line is 40, and it might get there unless Ryan Perrilloux plays, which will indicate that Les Miles is becoming an old softie.

Saturday afternoon, third-ranked Oklahoma takes their act on the road to Boulder to play Colorado. The Buffaloes are usually fairly tough at home, so the OU-minus-23 line might look a little misleading here. And if Bob Stoops decides to rest his starters for TU after the third quarter of this one, maybe it will be.

Saturday evening will find His Rudeness™ gnawing away at his fingernails in Ft. Worth as the Texas Christian University Horned Frogs are at home against the Colorado State Rams. CSU always brings a very physical team to Ft Worth, and usually the Frogs have been able to handle it. Then again, the Frogs usually had experience on offense and Tommy Blake on defense to counter whatever the Rams did. Neither one will be there this year (Blake’s out again on this mysterious “medical leave” thing), so this game is very much in doubt.

Sunday finds the Dallas Cowboys hosting Rams of another sort (the ones from St. Louis) at Texas Stadium.

Now, the ‘Boys are 3-0 and the Rams are 0-3, so this looks like a slam-dunk. But back on January 1, 2006, the Rams, who were already long out of it by then, came into Irving to play a Dallas team which still – mathematically, at least – had something for which to play, and the Rams promptly handed Dallas its ass on a platter (I had a mini-rant about it here). So before I jump on the Silver-and-Blue bandwagon, I wanna see an ass-whipping of the boys in gold and blue.

We’re back Monday for the recap. For now, I’ll entertain a general dogpile on Notre Dame…

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