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There’s one good thing about achieving old age – and I think I’ve mentioned it before:  The white-hot, nuclear device that is my temper doesn’t get set off as much as it used to, nor as quickly.

One good way to piss me off, though, is to harp on the same point, comment after comment after comment, after it’s already been debunked about four or five times over.

Let me introduce you, for the last time, to the cowardly little anti-Semitic fuckstick Non-Moron.

You remember Non-Moron, don’t you?  The fuckheaded little chickenshit who dared any of us to come say it to his  face?  Then, when I took him up on his offer, went and hid in his mommy’s trailer park in Fort Lauderdale?

Yeah.  That  one.

Anyway, in true chickenshit form, the pansy-ass demonstrated his proficiency for crowing like the hot shit he fancies himself – in a thread that most all of us had abandoned.

All of us…except me. (snicker)

Of course the link falls away when I ask a big question.

And of course, you ask the question just as the post is about to fall off the page.

Here’s a clue, dumbfuck:  I try to put up at least one or two posts every day (as time allows – remember, unlike you, I have something called a job), and I only keep seven (7) days’ worth of posts on the main page at any one time.  IOW, if you want anyone to respond to you, you have roughly 2-3 days to get your comment in before everyone else starts to ignore you.

Not that everyone didn’t ignore you before…and not that it’s gonna matter anymore to you henceforth… (snicker)

A question whose answer lies at the heart of the BIG LIE everyone is expected to believe, but fewer and fewer believe it each day.

And which premise of yours has been debunked time after time after time after time, ad infinitum, ad nauseam.  Does having your ass handed to you stop hurting after awhile? (chuckle)

I suppose it wouldn’t be fair to expect an answer now that the link is gone…

Oh, but we do  aim to please around here, seeing as it’s your last time around…

Sorry, I’ll use the official term “Gulf War Syndrome.” But how do you explain 79 deaths DURING the actual war (or ‘conflict’ or ‘intervention’ or whatever) somehow becoming 11,000 deaths within the next 14 years? Natural causes?

Chemical attack is the most likely explanation – we know for a fact Hussein had them, and had previously used them; his refusal to account for them gave the US all the rationale it needed, per the 1991 armistice, to go back in and take him out.  You splodeydope sympathizers keep conveniently forgetting that, don’t you?

And it does  kinda put the lie to your claims about nuclear, though, doesn’t it? (snicker)

And the 600,000 Iraqi dead were not killed by Saddam. Some were, but most were killed by sanctions (~500,000)

Prove it.

and bombing of schools and mosques (oops!)

Well, if that’s where your terrorist honeyboys are going to hide, is that supposed to be our  fault???

and of course our current occupation (120,000).

In the first place, we are there at the request of the first legitimate Iraqi government in generations.  Shame that that sticks in your craw like it does – but frankly, fuckwad, it ain’t our problem.

Secondly, let’s see the names of each and every one of those 120,000.  And remember – you can’t count your terrorist butt-buddies, asswipe.

But then again, it isn’t fair to tell your blog’s readers (insert small readership numbers joke here)

I get roughly 70 a day – not bad, considering I’m the only poster here and I don’t post as much as, say, Misha & BC.

And I daresay that it’s more readers than your  blog gets, dumbass.  Ain’t it?


Yeah, I thought  so…

that you are in Miami, then to wait a few days and tell them how somebody wimped out of a fight. The proper coordinates are blahblahblahblahblahblahblahblah…

That’s enough, chickenshit.  This is about the sixth or seventh time you’ve tried that meme, and I’m sick & tired of it.

(click, click) Buh-bye, dicklick.  Spew your bullshit somewhere else.  I’m done with your cowardly skank ass.

2 Comments to “Say buh-bye to the Ft Lauderdale Fairy…”

  1. EgoDaily — April 26, 2005 @ 12:58 pm

    Spatula just DESTROYED a troll.

    There are few things I enjoy then a good Fisking. There are fewer still then I enjoy then shutting a troll up. However, when both are combined, it’s magic. Here is why Spats is on my daily read list….

  2. Elephant Man — April 27, 2005 @ 9:20 am

    He was getting tiresome wasn’t he?

    At least he’ll go down in history here and at The Rott as one of the premier chickenshit cowards ever to post on the blogosphere.

    Who could forget his shrill and hysterical screeching at the Rott as he tried to cover his ass after went into hiding under a “porta-potty” or some such thing when you actually showed up in Florida?


    The best part was that he was too stupid to realize he should’ve kept his mouth shut.

    Now he’s forever labeled as one of the blogosphere’s premier cowards.

    I’m sure that ass-monkey is pounding his keyboard in frustration since he can no longer respond *guffaw* to the ridicule.

    He’s consigned to spend his days staring at “0 comments” at that piece of cybershit he calls a blog.

    Except for the occasional “How’s it going you f**kin’ chickenshit?” drive by……

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