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As some of you probably know, the Sibling Unit&#153 put on the Dreaded & Feared Ball & Chain&#153 today, which is where I’ve been all day instead of gracing you guys with My Eternal Wisdom&#153.

But I did, some time back, promise you Gratuitous Gun Pr0n!!!!!!!!1!!ONE~1&#153 – and I like to keep my promises.

So, without further adieu…

This is a Bersa Thunder 380cc – a .380 semi-auto handgun (duh!) that produced very&#160 nice groupings on the first time out.&#160 It is now the carry piece of choice – which was the intent all along (in fact, it hid very nicely in an internal holster during the Sibling Unit&#153’s Last Meal&#153 as a single guy last evening).&#160 It handles well, fits superbly in the hand – and, as mentioned earlier, has superior groupings.&#160 (The “cc” stands, obviously, for “concealed carry” – but I figure you guys already knew that.&#160 )

This would be a fine piece with which to qualify for a CHL – and, when mine’s up for renewal in a couple years, that’s just what I’m gonna do.&#160

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