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You couldn’t have been surprised by this, could you?  You had to figure, once it was ruled that Bob & Mary Schindler couldn’t have an independent, third-party forensics-type person there, that the fix was in – right?

Well, Denizens, here’s another WITY for you.

You’ll recall I mentioned something about Terri’s autopsy being performed in Pinellas County???

Surprise, surprise.  We have ourselves a whitewash.  Tom Sawyer himself couldn’t have done it this well.

Terri Schiavo did not suffer any trauma prior to her 1990 collapse and her brain was about half of normal size when she died, according to results released Wednesday of an autopsy conducted on the severely brain-damaged woman.

Pinellas-Pasco Medical Examiner Jon Thogmartin concluded that there was no evidence of strangulation or other trauma leading to her collapse.

That is out-and-out, lying-through-his-teeth bullshit.  This birdcage-liner of a report completely  ignores the fact that previous medical reports documented that Terri had injuries prior to her collapse.

This excuse-for-a-medical examiner claimed that Terri was blind,  for God’s sake – after video clearly  showed that she wasn’t.

Given that, can any right-thinking individual even begin  to give this POS report any credibility?

He also said she did not appear to have suffered a heart attack.

Well, this part he got right.  Then again, what do they say about blind pigs and truffles…?

The lawyer for Terri Schiavo’s husband had said he was confident the long-awaited autopsy report on the brain-damaged woman would show no evidence she was abused before she lapsed into a persistent vegetative state.

Translation:  Because me and my butt-buddy Mikey pressured him into suppressing it.

Her parents, who fought their son-in-law in court for seven years over her fate, had said they were hoping the autopsy could shed some light on what led to her collapse in February 1990.

Unfortunately, for that to happen, said autopsy would have had to be conducted some place other  than Pinellas Piss, Flori-duh.

Schiavo, who most doctors said was in a persistent vegetative state, died March 31, nearly two weeks after the feeding tube keeping her alive was removed by a court order sought by her husband. The dispute reached the halls of Congress and the U.S. Supreme Court and made news around the world.

The cause of her collapse has never been definitely proven

Oh, maybe not definitely  proven.  But it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what happened – especially given that they had fought the night before, and that Terri was contemplating divorcing that sanctimonious fat fuck Mikey Shitstain.

but testimony in a 1992 civil trial indicated that she probably was suffering from an eating disorder

Probably???  Probably???  Sounds like they’re not exactly certain, doesn’t it?

that led to a severe chemical imbalance and a heart attack.

Well, if nothing else, at least this pseudo-autopsy put the lie to that  asinine notion.

The Schindlers, though, don’t believe she had an eating disorder and have accused Michael Schiavo of abusing his wife, a charge he vehemently denies.

Michael Schiavo’s attorney, George Felos, said the Schindlers continue to engage in a “smear campaign against Michael to deflect t he real issues in the case, which were Terri’s wishes and her medical condition.”

That’s right,  Fellatios, you son-of-a-crack-whore-bitch…because it’s the fucking truth!!!   And we out here in Flyover Country™ will continue to speak the truth about your honeyboy – and about you too, you murderous shitheel.

“I think everyone who has followed the facts in this case knows there is no substance to those (abuse) charges

I think everyone who has followed this case knows that you’re a lying little fuckweasel, Fellatios.  You did Goebbels right proud with your screeds during this ordeal, douchebag.

and I’m confident we’re not going to hear anything differently from the medical examiner,” Felos said.

Because you made sure he’d toe the wife-beater’s official company line, isn’t that right?

Bill Pellan, chief investigator for the medical examiner’s office, said Tuesday that Thogmartin reviewed police reports, medical records and other documents in trying to determine the cause of her brain damage. The issue of whether she was in a persistent vegetative state “will be addressed,” Pellan said, although he would not comment further Tuesday.

Oh, yeah, right.  Like we’re going to believe anything further that comes from Pinellas Piss, Flori-duh.

Save it, Pellan, you stupid fuckwit.  We can smell the bullshit from here.

“Our family would really like to know what caused Terri’s collapse,” Terri Schiavo’s brother, Bobby Schindler, said. “I don’t know what they can and can’t find 15 years after the fact. If we could get some of our questions answered as to how Terri ended up the way she did, that would be helpful.”

So would we, Bobby.  So would we.

But as long as the wolves guard the henhouse, fat chance of that.

Ropes, trees, Pinellas Piss “officials”.  You get the idea.

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