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For a few bright, shining years, New York City was a beacon on a hilltop.  The city had finally shed it’s Rotten Apple image, cleaned up its act and set an example for all to follow.

Even during 9/11, the city took the best the ragheaded Islamofucks threw at it, and stood tall.

Then Rudy Giuliani stepped down as mayor.  His replacement, a RINO fuckwit by the name of Bloomberg…well, let’s just say that he’s demonstrating that not everyone is cut out to be the mayor of the Big Apple.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Friday that terrorists come “in all sizes and shapes and forms” and it wouldn’t be fair for police to profile terrorism suspects on the basis of a Middle Eastern appearance.

This despite the fact that the last five or six beheadings in Iraq, the bombings in London, 9/11, the USS Cole  bombing, the Marine barracks in Beirut, the first WTC bombing, the Achille Lauro  attack, etc, etc…all done by people with a definite Middle Eastern appearance.

But noooooooo,  Bloomberg…wouldn’t be fair  to maybe keep a closer eye on those types, now would it?

Asked about the city’s random stop-and-search policy, which Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said Thursday would forbid racial profiling, Bloomberg told WABC Radio host John Gambling, “I think if we’ve learned anything, it is you can’t predict what a terrorist looks like.”

Maybe you  can’t, Bloomy, baby – if it’s not colored green, you tend not to give a flying fook about it – but I’ll bet the rest of us can, very easily.

In fact, I’d say that the Middle Easterner with the unidentified bag or suitcase or wearing the overcoat in 70+ degree weather looks awfully funny, waddya you t’ink?

“You want to have restrictions [on police terrorism searches],” Bloomberg explained. “You want to have the police to have the burden of being very careful and never discriminating.”

Why?  If you have a pretty good description of the last few dozen folks to commit terrorism acts, isn’t it a good idea to start searching amongst those folks?  Are you trying to find terrorists, Bloomberg, or just look & feel good pretending like you’re trying to?

“If you think that everybody with blue eyes is a terrorist, you can’t just stop everybody with blue eyes,” he added. “Terrorists come in all sizes and shapes and forms.”

So despite the fact that of the last ten or fifteen terrorist attacks on our soil or our interests, only one of them was carried out by non-Middle Easterners, “terrorists come in all sizes and shapes and forms”?  Bloomberg, did you parents have any kids that lived?

When Gambling reminded Bloomberg that “a higher percentage of them come from a certain section of the world,” Bloomberg acknowledged: “That is true.”

“But John,” the mayor shot back, “the essence of our freedom is that you are presumed innocent – you’re innocent until proven guilty. The presumption of innocence is the fundamental [value] of our society. And you just can’t go and say everybody who has blue eyes – my example – is a terrorist just because most terrorists that you’ve caught have blue eyes.”

No, but it’s a pretty damned good place to start.  Which is what makes it such a terrible idea for Michael Bloomberg.

Bloomberg acknowledged that his profiling ban would make it easier for terrorists to succeed in their next attack, but still insisted the practice was “unreasonable.”

Because we’ve just got  to make it as easy for the ragheads to plan their next attack as possible, yes-sirree.

“It is just not a reasonable, not a rational – nothing that we want in our society,” he maintained. “That does make it more difficult for the police, yes. But it’s been more difficult for 235 years and we’ve kept the democracy and that’s the challenge that we have to meet.”

No, Bloomberg, you idiot – people who care a lot less about offending a certain segment of the populace than you have kept the republic.  People who give far less of a shit about PC than you have kept the republic.  All you  want to do is give those who want to kill us a free pass.

I talked to a gentleman who works in Homeland Security a couple of weeks ago.  He’s of the opinion that the next attack happens within 18 months.  With morons like Mikey Bloomberg in charge, it’ll likely be sooner.

Stupid fuckhead.

1 Comment to “Can’t profile that guy with the suicide vest – he’s Middle Eastern”

  1. Angel Elf — July 24, 2005 @ 3:12 pm

    If there was an Amber Alert for someone that kidnapped a little girl that was white, middle aged, and had red hair would it make sense to stop and search teenage blonde women? No of course not. The police would be looking for a person that FIT THE PROFILE. Would the innocent middle-aged white men with red hair bitch and complain? No, I don’t think so. They would want the criminal caught and the little girl rescued.

    But this is not the logic that is being used here in NYC to stop the bombing of our mass transit system. Why? God forbid the police should search the ones most likely to target innocent people with a bomb and offend some Muslim. Not all Muslims are terrorists but all terrorists are Muslim. DATS DA FACT JACK!

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