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Feel like crap tonight, so I wasn’t gonna post anything.  But I do  have one question:

Who the fuck is Henry Louis Gates?

By now you guys know the story:  Cop responds to call about break-in, finds black man trying to jimmy a door that, apparently, had been jimmied once before.

(Which raises the question “so why did it have to be jimmied again?”, but that’s another post.)

Cop proceeds to question black man, who – it turns out – is the legal resident.  (Not the owner, just the legal resident.)  Black man becomes belligerent & disorderly, which interferes with the cop’s ability to properly handle the situation.  Cop proceeds to arrest the black man; black man keeps screaming “RACISMRACISMRACISM!!!!!™″ like the fifth little piggie squealing all the way home.

The Grand Ayatollah, B. HUSSEIN!!!  Obambi, goes out of his way during a failed press conference about health care to criticize the Cambridge, MA police department, calling them “stupid” in the process.  Obambi alienates all the cops in America in so doing.

And he says this DESPITE  admitting at the beginning of his answer that he didn’t have all the facts.

Which is, presumably, the exact reason Jugears McHopenchange opened his skanky piehole in the first place.

What a national embarassment.  I never thought we’d find anyone worse than Peanuthead, but damned if he didn’t just spill in our laps like a barrel of toxic waste.

Dumb son-of-a-bitch.

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