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Another week, another hurricane, another change in the NFL schedule.

Wilma’s bearing down on South Florida, so the NFL has rescheduled the Chiefs-Dolphins game for tonight at 7 p.m.  (Sadly, the game won’t be televised nationally, so I s’pose I’ll have to settle for college football on ESPN2 or somesuch.)

Oh, but here you’ve got Dick Vermeil, coach of the Chiefs (and a guy whom I’ve always believed was a couple cans shy of a six-pack), prattling on like it’s some big rubber-chicken-circuit-award-banquet-type honor:

“They couldn’t have picked a better team to send down there and play well,” said Chiefs coach Dick Vermeil, whose team will fly to South Florida on Friday morning. “That’s the way we’re approaching it. We’ll go down there and play our best football game of the year. The guys are in a good frame of mind. They accept it. We would have liked it to be a different way but we have no choice.”

That’s right,  Dickhead.  You don’t  have a choice – you’re scheduled to go down there, like it or not – so why are you going on and on like the NFL somehow decided to send you down there as some sort of Hurricane Wilma charity-benefit game?  What the Hell™  are you huffing on, son?


On to this week’s games.  We’re on a roll now, having claimed a whopping one-in-a-row for Perfect Football Weekends, so now’s the time to capitalize. (Yeah, I know – like I had anything to do with it.)

My Arlington Heights Yellow Jackets suffer the ignominy (sp?) of playing yet another Saturday afternoon game – this time against the Polytechnic (aka Poly – and again, I swear I’m not making this up) Parrots.  Poly, as you may recall, is Heights’ twin-brother school – the buildings are exact duplicates of each other. (Poly’s orange-and-black may even be a color-negative of Heights’ blue-and-gold – I dunno.)

Anyway, Poly’s even worse this year than they usually are.  They lost to O.D. Wyatt – a team Heights handled earlier in the year, 49-33 – by a whisker at 3-70.

Yeah – that’s Wyatt 70, Poly 3.

Coach Duke Christian, this had best be a squash.

Also Saturday, the Horned Frogs of 21st-ranked TCU travel to Colorado Springs to take on the Falcons of the Air Force Academy.  TCU can  win this game – but Air Force ain’t Army, and Army gave the Froggies all they could handle last week.  If TCU wins this game, it’ll be by less than four.

Saturday evening, Baylor travels to OU to take on the Sooners.  I hate to admit this – but Baylor could very well win this game.  They’ve improved, and the Sooners…well…

Sixteenth-ranked Auburn will travel to Baton Rouge to tangle with seventh-ranked LSU.  This is a game where you wish neither team had to lose – I like both these teams.  I’ll take LSU and give you ten, because I think Bo Pelini’s defense is starting to get it in gear.

Sunday afternoon, Dallas is on the road for a game with the Seattle Seahawks.  They’re starting to tout Dallas in the media as one of the favorites coming out of the NFC.

I wonder about that, since I saw both the Washington and Oakland games.  Granted, they handled Filthydelphia and turned back the New York Football Giants – but I don’t have a whole lot of confidence in this team yet.  Give me the Cowboys and six.

(Incidentally, just FYI, PFWs are measured in straight-up results.  We do not gamble in the Realm™ – particularly after the last time Ozymandias McCool cleaned up on Merlin.  We were three hours extracting that unicorn’s horn out of Ozy’s ass.  Wouldn’t have taken that long, except the unicorn was still attached, and, well… )

We’re back Monday for the recap.

4 Comments to “PFW:  Pretty much de rigueur  for the NFL…”

  1. the Humble Devildog — October 21, 2005 @ 9:32 pm


    I get to be cursed with listening to the worst football game in NFL history on Sunday….The Green Bay Packers and the Minnesota ViQueens.

    I don’t know what the over/under for the game is, but, if it is more than about 6, take the under. If there is anyway that both teams can lose this game, they’ll find it. A tie is what they’ll probably settle for. Expect there to be more turnovers than points, unless each team’s defense is actually WORSE than each team’s offense, in which case, the punters will get more snaps than the quarterbacks. Truly, this game will stink unto High Heaven. But, I have a friendly wager with one of the local ViQueen fans…and we decided on the wager because we were pretty sure that ONE of the teams had to win. Right?

    Bucky plays the exposed-yet-again-as-a-fraud Purdue Boilermakes tomorrow. After their miracle win against the dreaded Rusty Rodents of Minnesota last Saturday, and their almost-as-miraculous win over the Crappy Drinks last year, this could be the game that makes or breaks Bucky’s season. I also have a small grudge element in this game, because an XFG is a Purdue grad….

  2. the Humble Devildog — October 21, 2005 @ 9:44 pm

    grr…the “XFG” is supposed to stand for “eX Girl Friend”….

    I have a bad hand. That’s my excuse. And I’m sticking to it.

  3. Elephant Man — October 22, 2005 @ 7:18 pm

    Jeez Spats, what are you trying to do, make Vermeil cry? (again)


  4. the Humble Devildog — October 23, 2005 @ 4:50 pm

    …that game was worse than I thought it would be.

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