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Interesting blurb on Drudge about the proposed BambiCare package.  As it stands right now, the Demoscum are, to employ an aphorism, “betwixt the devil & the deep blue sea”.  If they go with public option, 44 Donk congresscritters oppose it – but it’ll likely die in the Senate.  If not, 57 congresscritters on the left oppose it, which’ll kill it outright.

But what caught my eye was this particular background piece on one of the potentially recalcitrant Dems:

Rep. John Murtha (D-PA): “We Cannot Support Any Health Care Reform Proposal Unless It Explicitly Excludes Abortion From The Scope Of Any Government-Defined Or Subsidized Health Insurance Plan.” “We believe in a culture that supports and respects the right to life and is dedicated to the protection and preservation of families. Therefore, we cannot support any health care reform proposal unless it explicitly excludes abortion from the scope of any government-defined or subsidized health insurance plan. We believe that a government-defined or subsidized health insurance plan, should not be used to fund abortion.” (Letter To Speaker Pelosi, 6/25/09)

John Murthafucker.  Ex-Marine (in this case, yeah – ex-Marine), enemy of the war, enemy of all troops – champion of the unborn.

The Chinese curse holds firm:  We live in interesting times.

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