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A retired federal judge died last night.  Fellow by the name of Jerry Buchmeyer.

If you don’t know him, you should.  A Peanutdick appointee, he set about to absolutely ruin the city of Dallas, Texas.

He did so using two rulings – one being Walker, et. al. v. Dallas Housing Authority, where he essentially ruled that low-income folks were free to turn whatever upper-middle-class Dallas neighborhoods they could find into their own personal ghettos at will, thus sending property values in those neighborhoods plummeting, ruining homeowners’ investments and causing what the libtards might call “urban sprawl”.  The cities of Plano, Frisco, McKinney and Allen owe their population growth to Jerry Buchmeyer.

He also imposed, against the will of the people, the Williams, et. al. v. City of Dallas decision, where he basically ruled that Congress is unconstitutional, since the proposed 10-4-1 Dallas City Council representation system (10 single-member districts, four super-quadrants, one at-large mayor) – closely resembled that of the United States government. 

(The 10-4-1 system had been proposed – and adopted, I might add – because this jackass found the 8-3 at-large election system also unconstitutional.)

But Buchmeyer subsequently found that 10-4-1 wasn’t good enough either, instead forcing on Dallas a 14-1 system (fourteen single-member, one mayor) which has turned Dallas from a city that worked into one that doesn’t, with 14 little fiefdoms almost always ruled by 14 “emperors” who are the absolute dumbest-assed  shit-for-brains to ever rule a major city – and yes, I’m including Shit-cago in that group.

Normally, I’d recite here the part about “if you can’t say something nice…” and leave it at that.

UPDATE:  On second thought – yeah, maybe I will leave it at that.  I think I’ve communicated what I intended as it is.

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