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Just HAD to do it Darth….just had to do it.

Anyway, I digress. The following is a copy of an email that I got from American Solutions earlier this week that I just finished reading (yea, yea, yea I know, “earlier this week”. Sue me, life has happened). American Solutions is a PAC/think tank that Newt Gingrich started in response to some recent events (namely that thing that was promised under the guise of “change”). I get emails from them whenever there is a significant goings-on inside the Beltway. Which means I’ve been getting them very frequently since last November.

Anywho. Check out what’s covered in this email and then ask yourself, “WTF, and just WHO do these politicians think they are?”

Unemployment currently stands at 10.2%, the highest in a quarter-century. The stimulus failed and now even more people are out of work.

Rather than creating jobs, the $787 billion pork-filled spending bill has created more debt and more deficits that every American citizen has to pay for in the middle of a recession.

Implicitly acknowledging the failure of the stimulus, the Obama administration has now announced a “Jobs Summit” on December 3rd.

For an administration actively promoting the adoption of job killing health, energy, and labor legislation, holding a “Jobs Summit” is more theater while millions of Americans struggle to find work.

Consider the record of the job killing politicians:

  • They promised us that the $787 billion stimulus would keep unemployment below 8%, but unemployment has been above 8% since February.[1]
  • They promised us the stimulus would “create immediate jobs,”[2] yet more than 4 million jobs have been “lost and dislocated” since President Obama signed it into law.[3]
  • Without reading it, they rammed through a 1,400-page energy tax in the House,[4] which will cost each taxpayer thousands of dollars in higher energy costs and result in the loss of an estimated 1.1 million jobs per year.[5]
  • Without reading it, they passed a 2,000-page tax and control bill in the House and called it “health care reform”, which will lead to $557 billion[6] in higher taxes and a loss of millions of jobs.
  • When faced with the failure to create jobs through the stimulus, they made up, yes made up, a new measurement of jobs “saved or created” that no economist takes seriously. As evidence of what they will do to deceive the public, they produced a “saved or created” report that invented congressional districts that do not exist as recipients of billions of taxpayer dollars[7] and distorted job creation numbers by tens of thousands, all to prove that th e stimulus is working.[8] David Obey (D-WI), chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, even called this “outrageous” and described the mistakes as “ludicrous.”[9]
  • This is the record of politicians who promise new jobs and then vote for job killing legislation, record deficits and excessive government control.

    This week our General Chairman, Newt Gingrich, will be releasing an internal strategy memo outlining how we can stop these job-killing politicians before they cripple our economy for good and end America’s global, economic, and political leadership. Speaker Gingrich will also outline a bold agenda for American job creation and prosperity.

    We can’t stop these job-killing politicians alone. We need your help. Thank you for fighting to save America.


    Dan Varroney
    Chief Operating Officer
    American Solutions
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