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As we gear up for another Perfect Football Weekend, we see where they’re trying to sweep things under the rug over at Hidden Valley Ranch.

Newman appeared to shove Campo after the secondary coach stopped him following a series and the two got into it again quickly after being separated.

Wade Phillips took a “Nothing to see hear,” approach Monday, saying it’s normal for such interaction.


When asked if he would speak to Newman about the incident Phillips said, “I don’t think you know the situation, so I think you’re misinformed about that. But we try to get everything straightened out on the sideline. There are a lot of ways to do it.”

Reporter: So what did happen between the two?

Phillips: “I’m not going to go through all of that because …”


“I don’t need to go into detail of who said what, what happened to who, all those things, he said she said,” Phillips said. “There wasn’t anything big that happened that made a difference. We worked out what we had to work out on the sideline, and that’s what we normally do. And that’s what happens with a lot of teams a lot of times.”

Nothing to see here, move along.

Memo to Owner Jethro (yet another h/t: Gil LeBreton):  Vince McMahon’s boys over at WWE are coming to Dallas for the RAW broadcast December 7th.  Mayhap you can get Newman & Campo on the midcard, no?  Perhaps in a steel cage match?  (Anything’s gotta be better than Chris Jericho’s boring-assed promos.)

On to the PFW.  Heights is out, and I don’t follow either Forney or Royse City any longer, so it’s time for emergency plan “B”.

MERLIN:  “B”, sir?

VENOMOUS:  That’s “B” as in barricade.  Figure it out, Mr. Merlin.

(Quick, give me the reference.  Anyone?  Bueller?)

Anyway, until they get their asses knocked out – which I hope is soon – we’re following whichever HS team is playing Sulphur Springs in the playoffs.  And we’ll be doing this because Sulphur Springs is my high-school anti-team.

KORRIOTH:  A team you hate?  How do you figure?

T-BONE MCMANX:  Remember who’s in Sulphur Springs, Cap.

KORRIOTH:  Who’s in Sul…ah.  Got it.

VENOMOUS:  Good work, McManx.  You’re now…(flip flip flip)…a Lieutenant Commander.

T-BONE MCMANX:  I am honored, sir.  Thank you.

Anyway, we’ll follow the team that knocks ‘em out going forward.  This week, we’re hoping that’s Frisco Liberty HS; the game will be in Mesquite Friday evening.

That afternoon, ABC will be in Boulder, Colorado to carry the Buffaloes as they host Bo Pelini’s 22nd-ranked (USA) Nebraska Cornhuskers.  Nebraska’s a 10½-point road favorite, but Colorado’s been a Jekyll-and-Hyde team all year, and if the Jekyll team shows up, it’ll be a long afternoon for Bo’s boys.

And just a bit prior to that, UBuffalo will wind up their regular season on the road against Kent State.  Don’t ask me why, but despite Kent State’s winning MAC record, and UBuff’s 2-5 conference mark, the Bulls are a 3-point road favorite.  The SpatulaLine will remain in place for this one, meaning that as much as a 9-poing loss will still count.

Saturday, Bob Stoopes’ Oklahoma Sooners will host the annual Bedlan© game against 12th-ranked Oklahoma State.  Only the fact that the game’s in Norman can account for OU being an 8½-poing favorite – if this game were in Stillwater, I shudder to think of what Vegas’ line would be.  Gimme OSU, and you can keep the points – OU’s gonna need ‘em; the Cowboys win this one straight-up, I think.

The marquee game for Saturday, though, is in Fort Worth, where Gary Patterson’s fourth-ranked Texas Christian Horned Frogs complete their magical regular season against the Lobos of New Mexico.  This is Patterson’s third go-round this year with the concept of “attaboy/awshit”, and here’s why.

Vegas has installed the Froggies as a prohibitive 44½-point favorite.  That aside, is there anyone reading this that is on some psychedelic mind-bending compound and thinks for so much as a nanosecond  that New Mexico has a chance against the Purple People Eaters™?  Anyone?  Anyone at all?


There you have my point.  No one in their right mind thinks the Lobos are even gonna get a sniff in this game, much less beat the fourth-ranked team in their backyard, where they’ve won some 45 of their last 51.

But if they do…

All that said, the bags of Tostitos© will be flying around Amon Carter Stadium that day as the Frogs romp.

Now, am I forgetting anyone…?

MERLIN:  (ahem)

VENOMOUS:  Oh, yeah.  Them.

Tomorrow is Turkey Day…which, of course, means that the Dallas C’girls have the 3:00 game against DA RAAIIIIIIIDUUUUUUUHS (minus their issue-ridden fan base) over at the Death Star.

Freakland is 3-7, and quite probably the best one of thsoe in the league.  They still have speed at the wideouts and a defense that likes to hit.  Dallas doesn’t like that (see Bay, Green, two weeks ago), and it usually comes back to bite ‘em in the butt.  Greg Ellis returns to haunt his old team as the Raiders handle the C’girls with ease.

We’re back Sunday with the recap.  In the meantime, Bucky is off until next week, when they play Hawai’i there, and my question to HDD is:  Wanna get away? (grin)

1 Comment to “PFW:  Let’s get ready to rummm-blllllllllle…!!!”

  1. HDD — November 26, 2009 @ 10:04 am

    You know, for years, Wisconsin has been playing the University of Hawaii at Hawaii, and Hawaii never seems to make the trip to Wisconsin. It got so bad FIVE YEARS AGO! that a reporter asked then-Coach Alvarez about the oddity (it’s odd…check any team’s non-conference schedule for the past 20 years) of two teams ALWAYS playing at one team’s stadium. Coach Alvarez’s only (classic) response is “You know, I’ve never been able to figure out why we always have to go to Hawaii on an all-expenses paid trip in November or December.” There was a long pause, and then, laughter broke out in the press room as everyone looked around the room…and out the window at the snow on the ground.

    As long as the NCAA allows this to happen (and there’s no reason for them to put a stop to it), Wisconsin fans can look forward to a get-away trip to Hawaii in late November or early December, and the athletic department gets to drag their wives off to Hawaii for a vacation with most expenses paid for. It’s legal, it’s moral, it’s ethical, and, frankly, I can’t figure out why other teams haven’t figured this trick out, which would give the University of Hawaii a HUUUUGE boost in revenue and exposure, and potentially a padded schedule as Hawaii wouldn’t have to pay other teams to show up to their stadium to play. But, since Wisconsin is the only team to figure that trick out, Wisconsin is the only team to benefit from the vacation/victory of a trip to Hawaii.

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