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So when we last left off, Dan Riehl was starting to take Sarah Palin to task, not so much for choosing a Tea Partiers’ convention over the national CPAC, but for reportedly accepting between 75 & 100 large to come & speak.&#160 (You can find the category here, and cross-reference it with this Tea Party category.&#160 I don’t have time or inclination to go through and analyze for you guys each & every&#160 jot & tittle Dan’s written; you can do that for yourselves if that suits your fancy.)

But when he started in on Glenn Beck like this

I still believe that Palin was extremely wrong on the corruption angle, particularly in pulling CPAC into the mix. The JBS involvement I view as extremely unfortunate. However, given that JBS seems more loony, than dangerous, today, has even been written up in the NY Times in non-scandalous terms – and you’d all but have to exclude democratically elected Ron Paul, I opted to give it a pass.

But a quasi-Libertarian, who’s more clown than he is serious, despite the puppy dog-eyed exchanges between him and Palin I guess Fox is going to be hawking, as the keynote? A guy with about as much genuine talent as Rush has in his little finger and less brains than Levin has in his azz, who could say this?

Now, I have to admit I don’t listen to, or watch, Beck that often – although apparently he did&#160 rip on Scott Brown today, which puzzles me.&#160 But now you’ve got Riehl ripping on CPAC for inviting Beck, when earlier Riehl was ripping on Palin for bypassing CPAC.

Boggle de mind, it do.

So I asked a question.

This has me just a tad bit confused, Dan.

First you’re ripping on Palin because, among other things, she chose a Tea Partiers’ (maybe) convention instead of CPAC. (I mean, you’ve never come out and said it directly, but that’s the impression I’m getting.) Not to mention you’ve never explainedwhy Sarah Palin, private citizen suddenly no longer has the right to make money, speaking/appearance fee though it might be.

Now you’re ripping CPAC for having Beck in. (And I guess I don’t watch and/or listen to him enough – I’ve never heard what it is that has you & Levin (among others) so riled up about him.)

You’ve been extremely tolerant of my, um, “schtick” over these last few months, so I’m not about to throw you under the bus, as some here have done. I am having trouble following your line of reasoning, though; clarification would help.

Yes, that was actually me, trying to be minorly conciliatory, just trying to see where someone with whom I usually agree was going with all this.

And this is what I get for my trouble.

“First you’re ripping on Palin because, among other things, she chose a Tea Partiers’ (maybe) convention instead of CPAC.”

BS, I never did. Do you even read what i write, DV? I’ve said repeatedly, whehter she went to CPAC, or not, is immaterial. I don’t even care. If you won’t take me at my word, then I’m not going to debate you. And if she wants to dump on Keene, I think she’s wrong, but she can do it. But don’t conflate CPAC with Keene. That’s a superficial understanding of the event and an insult to attendees.

I’ve also NEVER said Palin has no right to make money. If you are unable to comprehend that I would criticize any politician for charging 100k for a TP event, and I’d likely criticize a Limbaugh, or Levin for it, too – then you have no understanding of my positions. And I have re-stated them often enough.

I’m done debating straw men with you, Darth. Think what you want.

And if you think I’m going to let that&#160 pass…you don’t know me very well, do you?&#160

NEXT:&#160 Part III – The Fisking

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