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As most of you Denizens know, I broke ties with the Southern Baptist Convention a couple years back over their climbing into bed with the greenies.  (Which reminds me – I never did get an answer from Jack Graham and the Southern Baptist regarding the questions I asked them.  Sucks to be them sometimes.)

But I was encouraged last year when the SBC kicked Fort Worth’s Broadway Baptist Church out of their fellowship.  Broadway, it seems, doesn’t have the problem with heterophobes that the SBC – not to mention God – has with them.

Now, they seen the “Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin” from the Baptist General Convention of Texas (the state chapter of the SBC), decided to take their bat ‘n ball and go home.

Broadway Baptist Church of Forth Worth has pulled out of the Baptist General Convention of Texas in yet another congregation-denomination split over homosexuality.

The church’s move ends a relationship that began in 1886, when the BGCT was formed.

Brent Beasley, Broadway’s pastor, called the break “sad” but necessary.

Yeah, well, Brentie, baby – I’m sure that when the Lord spews you out of His mouth, a la  Revelation 3:14-17, that He’ll consider that  “sad, but necessary”, too.

Just fair warning, is all.

“We’re committed to welcoming all people here, and we would not want to do anything that would be hurtful to anyone just to please the BGCT,” Beasley said.

Beasley, you dumbass, it’s not the BGCT I’d be worried about pleasing or not pleasing, nor the SBC, nor your limp-wristed butt-humping members, nor even the Dark Lord Of This Particular Realm™.

You see, ultimately, none of the aforementioned have the power or authority to say, “Depart from me, ye wicked evildoer – I never knew you.”  And your half-assed excuse-for-a-church is spitting in the face of the One who does  have that authority.

Beasley said the church voted “without dissent” last Wednesday to leave the state’s largest Baptist group

Yeah, I’m sure they did.  AFter all…wide is the gate and broad is that path that…well, we pretty much know where it leads, don’t we?

Well, we  do.  I’m not so sure that widdle Brentley has looked quite that far ahead.

Beasley described Broadway, which averages about 500 for Sunday worship, as doing well financially, with giving “well ahead” of last year.

And since you seem to worship the almighty dollar, as well as the fey types that like to ass-boff each other, it doesn’t surprise me that:  a) the money’s really rolling in, or b) you’d go out of your way to announce it.

So be it, therefore.  I daresay you have your  reward.

He said Broadway will contribute directly to Baptist colleges and charities that previously it helped fund through the BGCT.

If I were any of those colleges/charities, I think I’d be inclined to take that money and tell widdle Brentley, “thanks, but no thanks”.

But that’s just me.

The church also will remain part of the moderate Cooperative Baptist Fellowship.

That right there tells you everything you’d want to know about them.

Glenn Beck mentioned some time back, warning to run far away from churches that didn’t preach the gospel.

I’d say Broadway Baptist qualifies.

1 Comment to “Baptist “church” snivels, whines, takes ball, goes home”

  1. David Hartung — September 16, 2010 @ 8:20 am

    This is an issue which our church body seems to have avoided, at least thus far. That might have something to do with our unwavering confessional stand that the Bible is the inspired, inerrant word of God, which has led to an firm doctrinal stand that all sex outside of marriage is sin.

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