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Denizens, remember when Desperate Nymphoid™ Eva Longoria – she who dumped her husband so she could go shack up with French-born San Antonio Spurs guard Tony Parker – said this about him?

“He’s very sweet,” she says of her French-born boyfriend. “I’m the experienced one. I’m the teacher, especially about love. He’s always telling me he’s never met anyone who loves the way I do – wholly and freely and unconditionally.”

Well, it looks like ol’ Frenchie took to his lessons very  well, hawhawhawhaw!!!

Brent Barry’s father, NBA Hall of Famer Rick Barry is worried his son will be devastated by the news that his wife Erin was having an affair with Tony Parker. Barry played with Parker from 2004 to 2008, and he is currently in the middle of his own divorce from Erin.

Live by the extra-marital affair, die by the extra-marital affair.

Though I (curiously) didn’t blog on it at the time, I was telling whoever would listen to me that this marriage would last three years, tops.

And the news came down just a couple days ago – the marriage is done, over, toes up, fini.

Karma’s kind of a bitch, isn’t it Eva?


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