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[SCENE:  Aboard the now-empty bridge of ISS TitanicAdmiral Darth Venomous has banished his crew to the friendly confines of Realm™ headquarters, and is now keying in some final adjustments to the course on which he will send ISS Titanic  for its final voyage after the ship’s core containment system failed.

Captain Korrioth calls Titanic  from spacedock control.  Lord Venomous answers the hail.]

KORRIOTH:  Admiral, sensors indicate the rate of containment deterioration is increasing.  We need to get you out of there soon.

VENOMOUS:  Acknowledged, Captain.  Just a couple of moments more, than I’ll kick this pig into gear and you can beam me out.  Stand by.

[Venomous keys in half a dozen more commands, then hits a switch & engages the engines.  Cut to exterior view of the massive dreadnought lumbering into motion out of spacedock.

Cut back to bridge view.  Venomous hits ship-to-surface.]

VENOMOUS:  Awright, Mr. Korrioth, that should do it.  One to beam ou—

[Sparks erupt from the console in front of the admiral.  The ship bucks – once, twice, three times.

Cut to external view of Titanic, aft.  Three photon torpedoes fly from their tubes towards spacedock control.  Shifting views, we see that the photons meet no resistance as they hit their target – a bank of power generators.

In the control room, bodies have been thrown to the deck and chaos reigns.]


MERLIN:  Main energizers out, Captain!  We’re on batteries!

OZY MCCOOL:  Transporters gone, Captain!  He knew exactly  where to hit us!

T-BONE MCMANX:  Communications board overloaded, sir!  Everyone in the station calling, trying to find out what happened!

KORRIOTH:  Tell them to take a good effing guess, Lieutenant, but clear that damned board!

T-BONE MCMANX:  Aye, sir!

K’HADIBAK’H:  Why, Captain?  WHY?!?!

KORRIOTH:  That’s not your concern at the moment, Lieutenant.  Assist Mr. Merlin & Mr. McCool; help them get power back online. See if you can get anything resembling shields up.

K’HADIBAK’H:  Yes, m’lord!  (scurrying off)

KORRIOTH (muttering):  You’d better have a damned good excuse, you mangy p’tahk, or, Sith Lord or not, I’ll—

[The speakers pick that time to receive the first clear signal in what seems like hours.]

VENOMOUS:  —tanic to spacedock, report!!!

KORRIOTH:  What do you mean, report?!  You should already know  what you’ve done to us, you cowardly little needle—

VENOMOUSI  didn’t do anything, Captain!!!

KORRIOTH:  I saw the photons come out the rear tubes myself!  If you didn’t do it, who the fuck did?!?!?!

VENOMOUS:  How the hell am I  supposed to—

[Cut to Titanic’s  bridge.  At that moment, the main screen displays an image that changes everything.]

VENOMOUS:  Oh.  Shit.

KORRIOTHWhat???  WHAT?!?!?!

VENOMOUS:  Slight problem here, Kor.  I’ll get back to you.  [He closes the channel.]

[Cut to spacedock control.  Korrioth is pounding the crap out of the speaker, trying to elicit a response.]

KORRIOTHAdmiral!!!  ADMIRAL!!!!  Dammit!!!

[Cut to Titanic’s  bridge.  As Venomous surveys the damage to the conn, he is not a happy camper.]

VENOMOUS:  Great.  Automation system’s gone…sluggish helm, at best…(checks a reading)…at least I have some warp drive left.  (raising his voice) Computer…estimated time to core breach.

COMPUTER:  Four minutes, forty-seven seconds.

VENOMOUS (muttering to himself):  Guess I’d better hurry then, huh?

[Venomous quickly re-keys in his course, then hits the big red button. Cut to external view, as Titanic  shoots into warp.]

To be continued…

1 Comment to “Death of the ISS Titanic , Part the Threeth”

  1. Supreme General Rayegun — April 15, 2011 @ 3:22 pm

    I’m just sayin’ an all….time for some PENGUIN lovin!!!!

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