Welcome to the Realm™ - Version 5.0...

[SCENE:&#160 the bridge of ISS Titanic.&#160 Lord Darth Venomous has guided the dying behemoth out of Realm&#153 spacedock and sent it warping toward Parts Unknown&#153.

Uh, m’liege – where are&#160 you taking her?]

VENOMOUS:&#160 Towards the sun, away from our civilization.&#160 Be rather rude of me to drop this fireball on a populated planet, now wouldn’t it?

[But, Admiral, how are you going to get off the ship with no shuttlepods?]

VENOMOUS:&#160 Not a problem.&#160 I just happen to have stashed the prototype along this course, just in case I needed it someday.&#160 (touches a control on a makeshift panel, aft) See?&#160 There it is now.

[As we cut to the viewscreen, there hangs in space the Prototype&#153 – in worse condition than the last time we saw her, if that’s possible.]

VENOMOUS:&#160 Computer – time?

COMPUTER:&#160 One minute, seventeen seconds to warp-core breach.

VENOMOUS:&#160 Okay, excuse me, Narrator…let’s see, prefix code…bring systems back online…

[On the screen, the prototype visibly comes to life, as Titanic&#160 comes ever closer, nearing transporter range.]

VENOMOUS:&#160 …bring the transporter online…

COMPUTER:&#160 (BREEEEEEP!!!)&#160 Warning! Warp-core breach, thirty seconds.

VENOMOUS:&#160 Okay, okay!&#160 Now…wait.&#160 How did you know I was out of shuttlepods, Narrator?

[On the viewscreen, from the upper left comes a string of energy that looks eerily like the Nexus gateway we saw in ST:Generations – only this one looks darker and more forboding.

The ribbon gets to the prototype first, slicing through it and destroying it instantly.]

VENOMOUS:&#160 Oh, shit.

[How’s it feel, knowing you’re not gonna get out of this one alive, you son-of-a-bitch?!]

VENOMOUS:&#160 WHAT THE FUCK…?!?!?!?!!!

[That’ll teach you to Force-choke Allan-a-dale, our union brother, you sanctimonious bastard!&#160 Suck it, wingnut!!!&#160 BWAH-HAHAHAHAHAHA…!!!!!]

[The poor, helpless right-wing prole looks into the camera as he finally realizes that no Force tricks, no lightsabers, no particle disruptors are gonna get him out of this one.]

COMPUTER:&#160 …zero.

[Cut to external view, as the energy ribbon, Titanic&#160 and her breaching warp core meet at precisely the same time.&#160 The explosion in space could almost be seen from Realm&#153 spacedock, so beautifully massive was it.]

NEXT:&#160 Welcome to Hell.&#160 How do&#160 you like it?!

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