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Denizens, someone correct me on this – but this doesn’t look like a “long form” to me.

It looks more like the same “Certificate of Live Birth” that Bambi & his sycophants have been trying to pass off as legitimate for the last three years or so.

Now Patterico & Worthing seem to think this is the bona fide.  Professor Jacobson, however, respectfully disagrees.  We are, therefore, right back to square one.

Aside:  Trump was on Fox News this morning taking credit for Bambi finally “caving in” (if that, in fact, is what he’s done).

However, Trump’s been going on about this for at least a month & a half now; thus, I tend to discount this.  It’s more likely that Bambi finally decided to address the issue after CNN got involved.

Make of all this what you will.  I remain skeptical for now.

UPDATE:  The Vicar does correct me, in fact, and posts the “short-form” over which there was the initial brouhaha.

So, fine.  For now.

But these are Demoscum, and Demoscum are simply not to be trusted.

On anything.

One eyebrow remains raised. 

UPDATE the 2nd:  Sure e-fucking-nough.

Never, ever, trust a Donktard.

1 Comment to “Is this it? (UPDATED, and again)”

  1. David Hartung — April 27, 2011 @ 10:19 am

    Darth, here is a link to what was originally released. They are not the same, and what was released this morning looks just like a Hawaiian version of what my kids birth certificates look like.

    I think that this does prove conclusively that Obama was born in Hawaii.

    Here is a link to the correspondence which went along with the release of the certificate.

    [David, I had to tweak the link just a bit, as it was causing Firefox to burp.  The address itself was not changed.  -Spats]

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