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Denizens, I want y’all to look at this:

Now, apparently, Bea Arthur’s character is suffering from what they call “chronic fatigue syndrome” (something from which the show’s creator, Susan Harris, apparently suffers) – essentially, she’s got a virus, but that’s not dramatic enough, so let’s give it an ominous-sounding name, mkay? – and her doctor is apparently not bending over backwards to make her feel like a po’ widdle pwincess.

So “Dorothy” gives her ex-doc a sanctimonious, self-righteous tongue-lashing in a public place.  Which gets a major response from what is likely a leftard excuse-for-an-audience.

She then goes over and watches mutely (albeit with a shocked, SHOCKED  expression on her face) as Estelle Getty’s character essentially pulls a con on the restaurant manager to get a free, high-class meal.  Again, to the delirious approval of the audience.

So, essentially, Susan Harris is lampooning about the (lack of) morality of an allegedly-uncaring doctor…then demonstrating her own lack of morality by having her characters con an expensive restaurant (and apparently giving her approval over it).

And the audience just laps it up.

And then we all wonder why this country’s going to hell in a handbasket.

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