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As you know by now, we lost 30 troops (over 20 of them Navy SEALS) yesterday in Afghanistan.  The Realm™ mourns these heroic servicemen, and sends its condolences to their families.

Patterico is floating the idea that Vice Perpetrator BiteMe, not being able to keep his “big fucking” piehole shut about it, should somehow be held responsible.

Not that I’d necessarily mind seeing Captain Gaffetastic’s skanky blowhole (either of them) sewed shut with bamboo wire, but I tend to discount this theory, and here’s why:

If anyone in Al-Obambi were ever to have been conclusively tied to such an event as this…it would be over.  And I mean.  Fucking.  Over.

You wouldn’t even have to wait for the gathering of the torches & pitchforks.  The military would turn on them so fast it’d make your head spin.

Remember the Lame Plame Blame Game™?  The outrage amongst Demoscum when analyst-nee-agent-wannabe Val Plame was supposedly “outed”?  Multiply that by a factor of 100,000, and then add…well, draw your own conclusions there.

They’re stupid, yes – but they’re not that  stupid.

Are they?

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  1. BethW — August 7, 2011 @ 1:37 pm

    The Pentagon has already said that yes, there were members of SEAL Team 6 (not their real group designation- that’s classified- it’s not even DevGru anymore), but not THOSE members. They shouldn’t have said that… the SEAL teams and their families would be much safer if AlQ thought they were dead.

    There is no way (without a major malfunction of security protocols in Afghanistan) that the Taliban knew who was on that chopper. It’s the same thing that happened to the two choppers back in ’05- the Taliban knew that we’d come to the rescue. And they were ready… this time.

    The Administration can be charged with blatant stupidity many times, but they’re not THAT stupid.

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