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[SCENE:  On the bridge of ISS Poseidon, the Realm’s new Federation-class prototype.  Admiral Darth Venomous is still mired away in Facebook Hell™, and the bridge is empty, save for a couple of technicians named (ironically enough) Berkeley & Zhamno.

Zhamno is fiddling around with the Ops controls.  Berkeley is egging him on.]

BERKELEY:  Yeah, yeah!  Do it!  C’mon!

[Zhamno touches one last control.  On the viewscreen, the picture changes.]

ZHAMNO:  Schweet!

[At that moment, the turbolift doors fly open, revealing Supreme General Rayegun, who isn’t the happiest of campers right at that moment.]

RAYEGUN:  What in the name of Fek’lhr  are you two doing?!?!


RAYEGUN:  Never mind that.  Quit playing with the effing tractor beam and prep this bridge!  We launch in fifteen minutes!

BERKELEY:  Uh…sir?

RAYEGUN:  We’ve located the Admiral.  We’re going to assist Mrs. Venomous in rescue operations.

ZHAMNO:  But…but, sir…what about your ship?

RAYEGUN:  The Generalette took it.  Something called a “girls’ night out”.  Don’t ask, just move!!!

BERKELEY, ZHAMNO:  Yes, sir, aye aye, sir!!!  {They scurry as Rayegun exits.]

Prayers & well wishes for the quake area.

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