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That’s it.&#160 Candace, you can have him.&#160 I’ve had enough of that son-of-a-bitch.

Arlington Heights 52, Carter-Riverside 0

#25 Texas Christian 37, at Air Force 19

at #10 Nebraska 42, Fresno St 29

at Kansas 45, Northern Illinois 42

Dallas 24, at NY Jets 27

Well, Denizens?&#160 What’d I Tell Ya&#153?&#160 Heights with the expected squash over the Eagles.

Omar Valadez was 9-23, but for 124 yards.&#160 Kameron Holmes & Abece Dorsey ran for 212 & 152 yards, respectively, as the Jackets ground out a total of 475 yards.

One of my best friends called it one of the worst quarters in Cornhusker history.&#160 It ended with the score Fresno 14, Nebraska 7.&#160 And in the fourth quarter, the Bulldogs were just there, hanging around, trailing by two, and threatening to make NU fans start calling for Bo Pelini’s head.

Enter Ameer Abdullah.

The Nebraska freshman returned a kickoff 100 yards for a touchdown after Fresno State made it a two-point game in the fourth quarter, and the 10th-ranked Cornhuskers went on to win 42-29 Saturday night.

“We had a couple previous kick returns that were almost there,” Abdullah said. “So we perfected the blocks and wedge. Coach said I had to make a move and make a play. It was the turning point of the game.”

This would have been an easy one for Kansas to lose.&#160 And in fact, they were trailing with five minutes to go in the game.

But after a great kickoff return by B.J. Beshears, Jordan Webb led Rock-Chalk on a 47j-yard touchdown drive, kitting Beshears from the six with 0:09 left.

I foresee another Executive Decision&#153 in KU’s future.&#160 (Probably with a SpatulaLine&#153, but still.)

Their secondary is still terribly suspect.&#160 And a better game plan by Air Force would’ve exploited it – one heavy on the play-action pass, I think.&#160 Even so, the Falcons rolled up 416 yards on the Horne-Frogs.

Nevertheless, Casey Pachall had a better game, going 20-25-206 and no turnovers, and the tandem of Matthew Tucker & Wayman James led a 204-yard ground attack.

At one time, I was Toni Romo’s staunchest ally.&#160 I was screaming&#160 for him to replace Drew “Statue” Bledsoe.&#160 I saw the potential, the savvy, the ability to make incredible plays out of nothing.&#160 I still remember the snap that went over his head vs. St. Louis which bounced nearly to the Dallas endzone, whereupon Romo picked it up and ran about 40 yards for the first down.

We haven’t seen that quarterback in three years.&#160 And at this point, I don’t think we’ll ever see that quarterback again.

A failure of Joe DeCamilis’ special teams (leading to a blocked punt for a touchdown) notwithstanding, this team was two touchdowns up at the start of the fourth quarter, and Romo pissed it away.&#160 A fumble at the goal line, leaving at least three points on the ground, then an interception when his intended receiver was double-covered where he should&#160 have thrown the ball out of bounds, pulled defeat right from the jaws of victory once again.

Rob Ryan’s defense, while giving up a few big plays, hounded Mark Sanchez all night long, forcing a couple of fumble and a pick.&#160 That’s the best any Cowboy defense has played in a while, and it was exciting to watch – something else&#160 we haven’t seen from the Dallas defense lately.

And Romo fucked it all up.

I’m done with the bastard.&#160 As far as I’m concerned, Dallas can go 0-16 and draft Anderw Luck.&#160 They aren’t going to go anywhere with this piss-poor excuse-for-a-quarterback.

In fact, don’t be surprised if the PFW starts counting Cowgirl losses as wins.

This week:&#160 4-1.&#160 Overall:&#160 7-2

The PFW returns Friday, when we’ll talk about what should&#160 be a revenge game – but probably won’t.

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