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Quick, who’s the best kicker on the Cowboyz’ roster?  Anyone?  Anyone?  Buehler?

Uh, no. 

Arlington Heights 41, Trimble Tech 0

at #20 TCU 55, Portland State 13

at #1 Oklahoma 38, Missouri 28

#9 Nebraska 38, at Wyoming 14

at Dallas 18, Washington 16

When you give up a 61-yard touchdown pass, then get your punt blocked on the next possession for another TD, it’s gonna be a long night.

This one was over early.  Heights led 27-0 at the end of one.

Mizzou gave OU a major scare, going up 14-3 before OU scored 28 straight over the first three quarters.  Landry Jones was 35-48-448 & three touchdowns, all to Ryan Broyles.

Dominique Whaley led the Sooner ground attack with 68 yards.

All-Everything defensive tackle Jared Crick didn’t play against Wyoming.

Didn’t need him.  The Huskers easily handled the Cowboys.

Nebraska scored the first 17 points of the second half, led by Rex Burkhead and his 170 yards on the ground.  Taylor Martinez was 12-21-157 and one TD.

The Cowgirlz’ offensive line is just that – offensive.  It flat-out can’t poke holes in Swiss cheese.  They are  better pass-blockers than last year, but that ain’t saying much – and since they can’t run, it still leaves Dallas as a one-dimenstional team

The starting receivers are banged up – and they’re still  faster than the backups.  Needless to say, no one’s getting much separation.

The areas where Dallas is performing well is the defense & the kicking game – and that’s what saved them last night.  Sean Lee picked off a pass, Anthony Spencer caused a fumble (which Lee recovered), and rookie Dan Bailey (Oklahoma State) kicked six field goals to lift the ‘Boyz to victory.  (Little Davey Buehler was out with an injury.  Can anyone say “Wally Pipp”?)

The last one was rather sweet, as a 30-yard Romo pass to Dez Bryant victimized DeAngelo Hall, who’d been crowing all last week about how he was gonna target Romo’s ribs.  Hall’s 15-yard facemask penalty provided the range that Bailey needed to kick the winning 40-yarder.

Wonderful sense of schadenfreude there, y’know?

Oh, and Bucky rolled at home over S. Dakota, 59-10.

This week:  5-0.  Perfect Football Weekend achieved (2).  Overall:  17-2.

The PFW will return Thursday, when we’ll have a minor gripe against the Fort Worth ISD’s athletic department.

1 Comment to “PFW:  Won’t you come home, Dan Bailey…”

  1. BethW — September 28, 2011 @ 3:39 pm

    OU wanted to give Mizzou a fighting chance. Either that, or they let the water boys play the first quarter.

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