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Denizens, this week’s episode of the Perfect Football Weekend&#153 opens with that Mickey Mouse network, ESPN (and I mean that literally; they’re owned by Disney), infringing upon the free-speech rights of one Hank Williams, Jr.

BOSTON (Reuters) – ESPN pulled Hank Williams Jr.’s theme song from its “Monday Night Football” broadcast in a rebuke to the country music star for comments earlier in the day comparing President Barack Obama to Adolf Hitler.

Williams, a Republican, had appeared on a Fox News’ morning television show “FOX and Friends” on Monday, and was asked which of his party’s presidential candidates he liked.

Obama and Boehner played side by side that day against Vice President Joe Biden and Republican Ohio Governor John Kasich at the height of the congressional budget debate.

Asked what he did not like about the friendly bipartisan golf match, Williams replied, “Come on! It’d be like Hitler playing golf with (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin) Netanyahu.”

For Hank’s part, he wound up apologizing for the comparison – which, if you ask me, he absolutely should not have done – and the four-lettered bastards wound up making the removal permanent.

Now, I seem to remember a helluva lotta libtards comparing Bambi’s predecessor to this Hitler character beginning sometime around November 2000.&#160 And it continues to this very day.&#160 But you don’t hear any angst – mock or otherwise – over that, now do you?


Nah, didn’t think so.

Memo to the four-lettered:&#160 I don’t have to watch your network.&#160 I don’t have to do business with your sponsors.&#160 And I don’t have to apologize for happening to agree with Hank Williams, Jr’s first impression on the matter.

For the record, yeah – I think Bambi is&#160 another Hitler.&#160 Come do something about it ESPN, you chickenshits.

Awright, on to the football.&#160 It’s Yet Another Thursday Game&#153 for Ged Kates and my Arlington Heights Yellow Jackets, and it’s a Guaranteed Win Night&#153 as well, for they are playing the North Side Steers.&#160 North Side generally wins one game a year.

Against Carter-Riverside.

Heights in a major squash.

Saturday, Gary Patterson’s unranked&#160 Texas Christian Horned Frogs – yes, I meant to point that out, why do you ask? – travel to Mrs. Venomous’ hometown of San Diego to take on the Aztecs of SD State.

Coach Brady Hoke is no longer there, having migrated to Michigan, and he’s been replaced by former New Mexico coach Rocky Long.&#160 But they still have a helluva quarterback (Ryan Lindley) and a helluva running back (Ronnie Hillman), and they damned near beat the Frogs at Amon Carter last year.&#160 However, Vegas has the Frogs as a four-point favorite.

I think that’s bogus.&#160 I think TCU loses this game, and it won’t be that close.&#160 You think SMUT bombed ’em out of the stadium? SD’s offense is better.

Also Saturday, it’s the annual…ahem…


KORRIOTH:&#160 Feel better now, m’liege?

VENOMOUS:&#160 Why…yes.&#160 Yes, I do.&#160

…in which Bob Stoops’ 3rd-ranked Oklahoma Sooners (Great Honkin’ Cthulu&#153, how bad do you gotta beat someone to keep a ranking around here?) take on Widdle Mackie Brown’s (hack, spit) 11th-ranked TU Shortdicks Longhorns Shortdicks.&#160 The major news this week for whom, was the announcement of the departure of one Garrett Gilbert.

Imagine.&#160 From playing in the BCS National Championship Game two years ago, to being ejected out the third-string chute last week.&#160 How the mighty have fallen.&#160

Early reports have Gilbert possibly headed to…SMUT.&#160 (Please, Lord, please&#160 make that happen.&#160 Little Junie Jones’d start him over Padron, and we’d kill ‘im…(cackle))

Things don’t get much easier for Bo Pelini’s 14th-ranked Nebraska Cornhuskers, as The&#160 Ohio State University comes a-callin’ up in Lincoln.

Believe it or not, Vegas is actually making the Huskers an 11&#189-point favorite in this game.&#160 But NU doesn’t have a secondary either, so don’t exactly etch that in stone, if you know what I mean.

And this week, Tony “El Choko” Romo is guaranteed not to lose the game for his team.

OZY McCOOL:&#160 The usual reason, m’lord?

VENOMOUS:&#160 The usual reason, Ozy.&#160 Cowgirlz don’t play this week.

MERLIN:&#160 Plug Kansas back in for a game, sir?

VENOMOUS:&#160 Kansas is a 31&#189-point road dog at Oklahoma State, Wizard.&#160 Whaddya you&#160 t’ink?

MERLIN:&#160 Shutting up now, m’liege…

VENOMOUS:&#160 Thank you.

We’re back Monday or so with the recap.&#160 In the meantime, Bucky’s reward for destroying Nebraska is an off week, so my question for HDD is…dude, you ever gonna get a day off again?

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2 responses to “PFW:&#160 Eff ewe, Eee Ess Pee Enn”

  1. LC Purple Raider says:

    Ohio State doesn’t have an offense.
    13 points seems pretty easy.

    Oklahoma should produce a history making whupping.

    Only chance I get to see an ESPN broadcast will be Monday,
    Bears-Lions, only because the locals get it free.

    Lions in a romp. ESPN should get fucked.

  2. LC Purple Raider says:

    Was that UT-Austin, UT-Arlington, or UT-Amarillo?

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