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If this bastard is that good…then explain Kansas State, A&M, Oklahoma State and Rock Chalk.

Arlington Heights 25, Killeen 60 (Area round, AHHS eliminated)

at #19 TCU 34, Colorado State 10

#5 Oklahoma 38, at #22 Baylor 45

#16 Nebraska 17, at #18 Michigan 45

Dallas 27, at Warshington 24 (OT)

As expected, the team from Fort Worth, which divides its talent up amongst some, what, 15 high schools?…got its ass handed them by the team from Killeen, which throws all its  talent into one facility.

(Side note:  the only Texas city that can divide its talent like so and get away with it?  Down there in something called the “Southern Command”.  Bite me, General. :-/ )

Anyway, 9-3 for the boys from Fort Worth.  Ged Kates can keep his job another year – but dammit, son, you need to find you a secondary.

El Choko damned near pulled another defeat from the jaws of victory.

In overtime, having driven the Cowboys deep into Foreskin territory, and having lined up for the game-winning field goal, Romo noticed that the clock was winding down, and rose to call a timeout.

One slight, almost trivial problem:  He didn’t have one to call – the Cowboys had already used their two allotted for the overtime period.

That would  have been a fifteen-yard penalty, making the FG attempt a 54 yarder – which, had rookie sensation Dan Bailey kicked it the same way, would have drifted over into the next county.

Fortunately for Dallas…Warshington also  called a timeout a split-nanosecond before El Choko committed his potential clusterfark.  The resulting 39-yarder was just barely inside the upright for the win.

Other than that, it was a fairly uninspired outing for the local heroes – the offense sputtered against an okay Foreskin defense, Rob Ryan’s boys once again proved that they can’t stop Rex-Fucking-Grossman, of all people, and even the kick-coverage teams suffered brain farts all day long.  (Which has kinda been de rigueur  for them this season; if I’m the Red-Headed Jesus™, I’m casting one slitted eye in Joe DeCamilis’ direction.)

Oh, well – a win is a win is a win, so…

Used to be that three losses in a season would start the calls for the Nebraska head coach’s ass on a platter.  Let’s hope the Husker faithful return to form someday.

That was an effing embarrassment in Ann Arbor Saturday.  Probably even moreso than the Northwestern game.  NU simply doesn’t have any answer for a fleet-footed quarterback, it seems – and the Wolverines kicked Husker ass early, late & often Saturday.

I’ve really seen all I want to see of Bo Pelini as a head coach.  His players may run through walls for him (a plus point I’d given him several years ago), but if they keep playing like crap while doing so, doesn’t that suggest the coaching may not be up to par?

And I’m really starting to grow increasingly uncomfortable with Taylor Martinez as a quarterback.  The trajectory of the ball as it comes off his hand just does not inspire confidence in me nowadays.  Are we sure he’s not hurt?

NU has a lot of work to do if it wants to be competitive in the Big Ten Eleven Twelve Ten going forward.

After seven long years, Colorado State finally gave TCU the game I’ve been fearing they’d give them.

This was not an easy victory at all for the Froggies.  CSU outworked them, outhustled them, out-physicaled them – and, had they been successful on a few more offensive plays, would have out-pointed them.  (And it was by a freshman quarterback making his first start, no less, so how much of an “awshit” would that  have been?)

Nonetheless, a fortuitous defensive play sealed the win for Gary’s bunch – Tank Carder’s 69-yard pick-six gave TCU the momentum it needed to finish off the Rams.  And Waymon James continued to show why he’s the best Frog back this year – 108 yards on 15 carries, and no fumbles  (Ed Wesley, call your office and quit reading your press clippings).

The Frogs clinched a share of the Mountain West crown Saturday, and they’ll run to the Big XII with it in a couple weeks when they demolish UNLV here in Ft. Worth.

I’m sorry.  ARRRRR GEEEEE THREEEEE!!!!!!ONE!!1!!ELEVENTY!!1!  flat-out isn’t that good of a quarterback.

Yes, he all but confirmed for us that OU doesn’t have a secondary (widdle Sethie Doggy-Style of Guns-Up-In-Loser-Formation-Tech showed us that a couple weeks back) – but if he’s all that and a bag of moldy chips…

…why did Kansas State beat him?

…why did A&M and Oklahoma State torch  him?

…why did Rock “0-for-the-Big XII” Chalk only lose to him by one fucking point?

(And let’s not forget that, had it not been for the fact that TCU has a piece of shit for a kicker, he wouldn’t have beaten the Frogs, either.)

“Heisman candidate” my ass.

No, I didn’t watch the game.  Didn’t care to.  But I can tell you this – if the game was played in Waco (and it was), then – aside for the shitty OU secondary – there had to have been some homer calls from the zebras in the game.  (The TCU game proved that in spades.)

All that said – Bob Stoops, your assignment for next year is the same as Ged Kates’ is:  Find some effing cover people.

This week:  2-3 (the Dallas win counts for  me this week, because ain’t No Way In Hell™ I’m pulling for Warshington).  Overall:  45-14.

(Oh, by the way – Rock Chalk got shellacked by A&M (they finally got a lead even they couldn’t give up), and Bucky eased past the Illini in Champaign.)

The PFW will return Thursday (I hope), because of the Cowboy game.  Have no idea what I’ll talk about, but I’m sure something will come up…

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