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Have no idea why, but every so often I’ll get a stray comment come in on a thread that’s weeks old, if not months.

Invariably, it turns out to have been written by a moonbat.  (The Eddie Guerrero thread was the exception thereto.  I received comments for months on end about him, by fans who genuinely mourned his passing and missed him terribly.)

Two I’ve received recently are no exception.  The first one was placed in the Rita Cosby thread, but actually referenced this post.  Though the commenter will get partial credit for a little more cordiality than previous ones on the thread, she gets flagged for delay of game (with the appropriate five-yard penalty).

So let’s see what she had to say, shall we?

Reference the episode of “Cheaters” involving the Fort Worth Cop

Not to beat a dead horse, but in addition to being over a year late  with your comment…you’re also off topic.

What are ya’all so upset about? Cheaters was hired by the husband

No, if memory serves, Cheaters  was hired by the wife to spy on the husband.  Please straighten up your facts a bit, mkay?

Don’t you go to work when you are hired.

Yes, but my job isn’t to intrude on people’s privacy and harass them.  Is yours?

Cheaters doesn’t just bust in on people without an invite.

Sorry, but the bullshit flag gets thrown there, 15 yards, loss of down.  That’s the format of their entire show.  Jilted lover/spouse/what have you contacts the show to spy on their significant other, Cheaters  plays private dickheads, gathers evidence, presents it to the jilted, asks them if they want to go confront.

Sorry, but your dog stopped hunting a loooooong time ago.

Heres the bottom line, you got nothing to worry about if you aren’t cheating. If your not happy with your significant other, Leave them.

Cheating or not – and don’t for a second misunderstand; I’m not condoning the practice – if a person is not violating the law, court cases have in the past established a right to privacy based loosely on Article IV of the Bill of Rights of the United States Constitution – and those who violate that privacy do so at their own risk.

Financial…or otherwise.

That cop knew what the hell he was doing as well as she did. This sort of thing is why cops get called to domestics. Capt. Paul knew better!

Uh, no, cops get called to “domestics” because one party is either disturbing the peace or threatening/committing violence upon the other.  Extramarital affairs may be a root motivation, or not – but not every one turns into a “domestic” to which a cop gets summoned.

Try again.

Whether he likes it or not, he IS in the public eye cause he put himself there with his job.

I see.  So a cop on his lunch break doesn’t get the luxury of conducting his personal business without some nosy-assed fucktard with a camera invading his privacy, is that what you’re saying?

So don’t complain.

Make me, bimboid.  In case the principle hasn’t been explained fully to you, this is my  blog.  I say what I  want to say here.  Got that?

It was his choice. Cops are not above the law. He may not have broken the law by being with this woman

Unless you can show me where they’ve put adultery back on the books, honeybunch, I’d consider replacing “may not have broken” with “didn’t break”, y’know?

but he DID violate Police policy the way he did it.

Prove it.  Chapter, verse & paragraph, if you please.

Captain, you are supposed to lead by example. Now can you really discipline your officers with your head held high knowing, you are no better?

On one hand, I’m inclined to agree with this assessment.  The captain should  lead by example.

On the other hand, just what the Hell™ business of his officers – or of yours, for that matter – would the captain’s personal life be?  Hmmmmmmmm?

You also assisted in breaking up a family. If your going to be so thoughtless, don’t bitch when you get caught.

Again, what business is that of yours?  Or anyone’s, for that matter?  What was the point of dragging a man’s private life out into the open like this?

For that matter, is your own  house in order?  How about you worry about keeping your  nose clean before trying to wipe Captain Paul’s for him, huh?

Or would that be asking too much of…

A Former Texas Dispatcher STILL DISPATCHING


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