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The next-to-last nail in Air Scaremerica’s coffin is about 7/8ths in.

Financially strapped Air America Radio acknowledged Thursday, after star commentator Al Franken said publicly that his paycheck had stopped coming, that it had suffered a small number of layoffs but insisted there were no plans for the liberal talk show network to declare bankruptcy.

That is to say, if the financial cavalry comes over that hill up yonder – but there seems to be a disturbing dearth of hoofbeats on the horizon…

AAR is defiant to the end, however.

“If Air America had filed for bankruptcy every time someone rumored it to be doing so, we would have ceased to exist long ago,” said network spokeswoman Jaime Horn in a statement.

Actually, Jaime honey, Air Scaremerica “ceased to exist” pretty much a long time ago.  It hasn’t been relavant in…in…lessee, how long’s it been around?

“It may be frustrating to some that it hasn’t happened.”

Frustrating?  Hell,  no.  I’m having a blast just watching you libtards twist in the wind!  Keep up the great work!!! 

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