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Memo to Gary Patterson:  All is forgiven.

at Arlington Heights 57, Paschal 7
UBuffalo 13, at Northern Illinois 31
LSU 3, at Auburn 7
Oklahoma 33, at Oregon 34
at TCU 12, Texas Tech 3
at Dallas 27, Washington 10

Can’t tell you anything about the UBuffalo game except the final score.  Which was a loss for Turner Gill’s team, as I expected.  They covered the spread, though, so we’ll consider it a victory of sorts.

For the first five minutes of the game, Paschal gave Arlington Heights all it could handle, and then some.  From the opening kickoff until 7:00 remained in the first period when the Panthers scored, Heights could do nothing right, and Paschal could do nothing wrong.  Even when Paschal tried to fumble away the opportunity, Heights was right there with a personal foul or some other penalty to give the momentum right back.  After the Panther touchdown, things weren’t looking all that good.  Paschal was flat-out kicking Heights’ ass.

Then Paschal had to kick off.

Probably the turning point in the game.

Remember this name:  Donnell Dickerson.

If this young man is wowing college football crowds a few years from now, you heard it here first:  The kid is a stud.

Granted, it was Paschal.  Granted, Paschal isn’t very good – there are probably a couple of middle schools that would give ‘em a helluva fight.

But anytime you average  30 yards a carry, I figure you’re doing something  right.

Dickerson’s final line: 11 carries, 333 yards.  Two of his carries – a 92-yarder and a 57-yarder the very next time he touched the ball – were the exact same play:  a run through a huge hole off right tackle, and then just outrun all the coverage on the way to the end zone.

In the second half, after the game had already been decided, Coach Duke Christian let Dickerson play quarterback for a couple of series.  Whereupon Dickerson showed off a frickin’ howitzer  of an arm.

You read it here first, PFWers:  This kid could be the poor man’s Vinnie Young.

The good news is that Bo Pelini’s defense only allowed Auburn 7 points.

The bad  news is that Les Miles’ offense only scored 3.

LSU had a chance to win on the final play of the game, but JaMarcus Russell’s pass to Early Doucet at the 10 was followed with a vicious  hit by Auburn defensive back Eric Brock at the 4, ending the game.

Now, having said all that, I am going to sound a familiar theme:  Eleven-on-eighteen still isn’t fair.

LSU had a critical pass-interference penalty, as well as the drive it would have continued, overruled by a review zebra’s determination that the ball was tipped, thus negating the PI penalty.  Never mind that the PI came before  the ball was tipped, which would’ve given LSU the ball with first-and-goal.  Did anyone check the replay zebra for mint julep breath?

And if LSU thought it  got shafted, Oklahoma got it three times as bad.

Scene:  Oregon has just scored, but OU still leads, 33-27, with 1:09 to play.  Oregon attempts the obligatory onside kick.

First blunder by the Pac-10  (read:  homer) zebras working the game:  An Oregon player (Brian Paysinger) touches the ball before it’s traveled the requisite 10 yards.  Illegal procedure, OU should have the ball at that spot, or at the very least have Oregon re-kick from five yards back.

Nothing gets called.

Second blunder:  Allen Patrick of OU recovers the onside kick.  And the ball gets awarded to Oregon.

And the third  fuck-up in a row by the homer zebras occurs on the next play:  A pass-interference call on Darien Williams gave the ball to Oregon on OU’s 23.  Oregon scored the winning touchdown on the next play.

Just one small, almost trivial, thing:  The pass was tipped before any contact took place, and replays showed it.

Now, it’s customary for the visiting team to supply officials from its conference for the game.  The Pac-10, apparently, never got that memo.

Makes one almost wonder if this is the Pac-10′s way of sticking it back to the Big XII for USC giving last year’s national championship to TU.

Dallas’ win over the Deadskins was hardly inspirational.  The defense did what it had to do – shut down a team in its second game under a new offense – and Bledsoe, while adequate, wasn’t spectacular, save for one 40-yard touchdown pass to Terry Glenn.

And a special-teams breakdown cost the Cowboys a 100-yard kickoff return by “Rock” Cartwright, which gave Parcells a pretty severe case of indigestion the rest of the night.

Moreover, Widdle Terri Owens broke his ring finger, and expects to miss 2-4 weeks.  (At least, that’s what they’re saying  – but don’t let that fool you.  You & I both  know he’s gonna play against the Beagles.  Bank on that.)

One play epitomized TCU’s effort against Texas Tech.

Late in the fourth quarter, Tech driving.  Graham Harrell launches a pass down the right sideline for receiver Robert Johnson.

Enter TCU safety Marvin White.

Ball & Johnson get there simultaneously.  White gets there a fraction of a nanosecond later.


Marvin White separated Robert Johnson’s helmet from his body.  Damned near with Johnson’s head still inside.

Jeff Ballard wasn’t all that great – he kept overthrowing his receivers pretty much all evening – but he was able to move the ball just enough to allow Chris Manfredini to kick four medium-range field goals to account for TCU’s points, and the TCU defense made it stand up.

Tech fans (the stadium was about half-full with ‘em) were all with their little “guns up” sign before and during the game.  I’d say that RightAboutNow™, at least one of those guns are stuck tight to the forehead.  In the shape of an L, if you know what I mean.

Gary Patterson, I have, in this space, ripped you royally for being in over your head as a Division I NCAA coach.  I now officially stand corrected, and retract it all.

You’re a damned good coach, sir, and I’d just as soon you stay at TCU for a spell.

This week:  4-2 (UBuffalo covered the spread).  Overall:  12-5 (they covered last week, too).

The PFW will return on Friday.  Maybe.  At least three of my teams are down this weekend, and maybe more.

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