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Sorry, guys.  Been a little busy the last couple of days.

Wish I could have a weekend like three of my Perfect Football Weekend™ teams.  All my local boys – Arlington Heights, TCU and the Cowboys – have somehow conspired to deny me half a PFW. (grumble grumble grouse)

The three that remain are gimmes – two for me, one heavily against me.

Saturday, the Oklahoma Sooners take out their Oregon frustrations on Middle Tennessee State at Memorial Stadium.  MTS will be without standout defensive lineman Ed “Too Tall” Jones – that’s a joke, for those of you younger than 30 – so I’ll take OU and you can have 30.

Also Saturday, LSU takes out its own frustrations with Auburn out on Tulane at the swamp.  Vegas has Tulane plus 36; I’m gonna be charitable and give you 45.

And those point spreads don’t really come close to the third game in the PFW this weekend.

For, y’see, Turner Gill’s UBuffalo Bulls have drawn the unenviable assignment of going down to Alabama and being the sacrificial lamb to the second-ranked Auburn Tigers.

Turner used to be on the distributing end of these beatdowns when he quarterbacked the Nebraska Cornhuskers against the likes of Troy State or Louisiana Tech.  Unfortunately, he’s about to be painfully reminded of his days as a basketball player for the Arlington Heights varsity when we were just that pitiful.

Chin up, my old friend.  You’ll get to distribute a few of these beatdowns yourself someday.

We’re back Sunday for the recap.  In the meantime, I’ll be in East Texas this weekend – no, Your Doublewideness, I’m not coming for your  skanky ass – and may be a bit incommunicado.  I’ll let you know.

I will now entertain suggestions from the Peanut Gallery™ as to what the Hell™ Brett Favre was thinking when he came back this year (that’s your cue, Humble DevilDog)…

1 Comment to “PFW:  Of instant replays & sacrificial lambs…”

  1. the Humble Devildog — September 25, 2006 @ 1:22 am

    I will now entertain suggestions from the Peanut Gallery™ as to what the Hell™ Brett Favre was thinking when he came back this year (that’s your cue, Humble DevilDog)…

    He was thinking “Man, that’s a lot of zeros on that check…”.

    He should have retired two years ago. This Packers team will be lucky to win four games. A QB who should have retired two years ago, same crappy fumbling RB, all the backups to the crappy fumbling (and injury prone, I might add) RB traded to other teams, same crappy receiving core, every offensive lineman worth a shit traded to other teams, same crappy defense, and BILLY FUCKING CUNDIFF as an ‘upgrade’ at place kicker?! Oh, my achin’ back! Yup. Thank Heaven for Detroit. Otherwise, my Packers would be lucky to win TWO games this year. Oh, well…at least the Pack will be in the running for next year’s first pick of the draft. That is, if Dah Raidahs and the Texans suddenly figure out what game they’re playing…

    Bucky is in a rebuilding year. New head coaches always have some growing pains their first year. But, if the Badgers can get a fourth place finish, and Ohio State really is as good as they look, I’ll get to make the jaunt down to San Antonio, to watch my Beloved Badgers play in the Alamo Bowl. From what it looks like, fourth place in the Big Ten is really possible for Bucky, and not a bad finish, either. When one places fourth behind Ohio State, Michigan, and either Iowa or Penn State, one really doesn’t have a lot of room to comlain about how one did.

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