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With all the talk about how the Ayatollah has just come out of the closet, LC George the Apocryphal Prophet over at the Rott has pretty much nailed it in one:

The real problem as I see it is the next item on the gay rights agenda: adoption.

Most people can agree that the state has no business dictating what two adults do with each other in private, and if they love and trust each other it makes sense to let them enter into a legal union similar to a marriage.

The fact remains though, that the human race perpetuates itself by means of sexual reproduction. It is a simple biological fact that what homosexuals do is not how babies are made, so they can’t have any children unless someone else gives them kids. There is a 97% chance that a given child will grow up to be straight, and therefore will be best served being raised by parents who attempt to exemplify the partnership of man and woman, because that is what will prepare the kids with knowledge of how to conduct themselves toward the opposite sex, and conducting themselves toward the opposite sex is 97% likely to be what they are going to want to do when they get older. I am not expressing any kind of hate toward gay couples here. I’m just pointing out that when it comes to adopting children, it should not be presumed that it is just as well to give a kid to a gay couple as a straight couple. Nevertheless you can count on the gay activist crowd to come unhinged at an argument like this and construe it as some kind of unspeakably vile hate speech. When it gets to the point where we actually should draw the line, will we be willing to do so?

Here’s a brainbender for the lefty crowd:  Suppose they identify the ‘gay gene,’ and suppose they develop a treatment, injected directly into the gonads, that can eliminate the chance of having children with any of a wide range of genetic conditions, including homosexual inclinations. Should people be denied the right of reproductive choice to secure the future existence of homosexuals?

Bammo.  (Well, except for the part about the “love and trust each other” BS – trust me, it may be many things…but it sure as Hell™ isn’t love.)

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