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I had hoped to be a part of the Texas state GOP convention.  Alas, they had already had the local caucuses (caucii?) by the time I went to vote in the primary back at the end of May.

Shows you what I get for missing staff meetings.

Now that I find out about part of what went on, I wonder if I even want to vote  in the general.

Texas Republicans are touting their success in bringing the factions of their party together last week in Fort Worth to approve a new plank in the party platform aimed at effective changes in immigration policy.

They call their guest worker program the “Texas solution” and say it offers answers instead of “another litany of problems,” said Brad Bailey, a member of the platform subcommittee that drafted the plan.

The proposal would provide a way for illegal immigrants to have legal status — and possibly more important to the party right now, it could pull into Republican ranks conservative Hispanic voters who could not abide the harsh deportation policies of former Republican state platforms.

Under the new, gentler proposal, “We no longer call it ‘illegal immigration,’” said Norman Adams, a Houston insurance broker who co-founded Texans for Sensible Immigration Policy a decade ago. “For the first time, the Republican Party actually offers a solution. In the past our only solution was for them to leave.”

But it’s much  easier now!  Now that we’ve caved in, that is.

Just think – the Texas Gaggle Of Pusstards have fallen in lockstep with Der Ayatollaher and as much as told a million illegals (for now – five will get you 10 million it’ll be more) “hell, yeah, c’mon in!  We’ll find ya jobs!  Those tens of millions of unemployed/underemployed American citizens?!?!?!  Screw ‘em”

If this is how the GOP “stands up” to the Donks, what the Hell’s the point?

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  1. Supreme General Rayegun — June 25, 2012 @ 8:59 pm

    Umm Darth, when you’ve seen one RINO….well, you know how that story goes.

    And it’s so patently obvious that the establishment Texas GOP is even pandering (nearly worse than Al-Obambi is at that) this bad to the ILLEGALS (Damn right I’ll call them E-X-A-C-T-L-Y what they are) in order to replace all the votes that they KNOW they’re going to loose from those of us with our heads properly attached at the shoulder. As I keep telling the staff here in HQ, “It don’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out, and we’ve got a few thousand of them around the corner to prove it!”…

    It’s gotten to the point where even the SCOTUS seems to be pandering with it’s shootdown of the AZ policies.

    Shows you what I get for missing staff meetings.

    Ayep. Not the first one you’ve missed, prolly won’t be the last.

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