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Denizens, at the moment I’m up past my scalp in alligators, so that’s why posting’s been DamnedNearNonExistent™.  With any luck, things will lighten up a bit next week.

For now, TCU has Texas Tech at home, Rock Chalk gets fed to OU in Norman, Nebraska’s at Northwestern (you’d damn well better win this  one, Pelini), Wisconsin keeps Paul Bunyan’s Axe vs, UMinne-haha, Turner Gill’s Liberty Flames go for a three-game winning streak vs. Concord (no SpatulaLine – I like Liberty straight-up), and if Jason Garrett ever wants to be taken seriously as a head coach, the Cowgirlz will win in Carolina Sunday.

Oh, and Heights lost again – this time to OD Wyatt. (Enjoy your one year here, Todd Whitten.  You ain’t getting another.)

I’ll have something resembling a recap, hopefully Monday.  Maybe I’ll only be up to my ass in alligators by then…

1 Comment to “Of programming notes and PFWs…”

  1. Supreme General Rayegun — October 21, 2012 @ 8:13 am

    Darth, the Generalette is VERY interested in seeing your thoughts on the TCU game. Seeing that she is a Texas Tech alumni.

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