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Take your lumps now, Froggies.  As long as you start delivering them in 2013.

Arlington Heights 13, OD Wyatt 41

at #23 TCU 53, #17 Texas Tech 56 (3OT)

at #9 Oklahoma 52, Kansas 7

Nebraska 29, at Northwestern 28

at Wisconsin 38, UMinnesota 13

at Liberty 21, Concord 13

Dallas 19, at Carolina 14

Damn.  When you lose to O-D-Freakin’-Wyatt…you suck.

Like I said Friday, Todd Whitten, enjoy your year here – you won’t get another one.

Sirchauncey Holloway rushed for two touchdowns as Liberty defeated Concord 21-13 Saturday in a nonconference game.

(Hat tip ESPN.com)

Kansas may have a chance under Charlie Weis someday.  Maybe.  If OU loses 90% of its scholarships, perhaps.  And if the game’s in Lawrence.

Not Saturday, though.

Landry Jones threw for 291 yards and three touchdowns with no interceptions as Oklahoma improved to 14-0 under coach Bob Stoops in games immediately after the Longhorns matchup.

“It wasn’t hard to stay focused on Kansas. We know that Notre Dame’s a great team but we’re a great team also,” Finch said. “So, we just wanted to close out Kansas and we know that the game ahead of us next Saturday is going to be a crazy game.”

James Sims ran for 102 yards and a shutout-preventing touchdown run in the fourth quarter for Kansas, which lost its 16th straight conference game and 27th out of the last 28.

That, and a punt & kickoff return (both for scores) sealed Rock Chalk’s fate.

Taylor Martinez may have finally come of age Saturday.

The Cornhuskers (5-2, 2-1 Big Ten) rallied from 12 down in the fourth, taking a one-point lead when Martinez hit Ben Cotton with a 7-yard pass with just more than 2 minutes left, and hung on when a 53-yard field goal attempt by Northwestern’s Jeff Budzien barely missed wide right with 1:10 remaining. That kept Nebraska in the thick of the Legends division race after being blown out at Ohio State two weeks earlier.

The Cornhuskers can thank Martinez for that. He led them to two touchdowns in the fourth quarter and completed 27-of-39 passes in the game, helping Nebraska rack up 543 yards of total offense.

And even at that, it took N’western missing a field goal attempt to seal the win.

Seriously, Huskers.  Northwestern really ain’t that good.  You guys should be 2-0 against them in the Big Ten, not 1-1 and damned near 0-2.

Wisconsin was finally Wisconsin against UMinne-haha Saturday.

James White raced 15 times through Minnesota’s defense for 175 yards rushing and three touchdowns, carrying Wisconsin to a 38-13 victory over Minnesota on Saturday, the ninth straight time the Badgers have beaten the Gophers to keep Paul Bunyan’s Axe.

Montee Ball let his partner steal the show for most of the afternoon but still muscled his way for 166 yards on 24 attempts and two fourth-quarter scores to put the game out of reach and push the Badgers (6-2, 3-1 Big Ten) to their 21st win in a row at Camp Randall Stadium.

And that’s  the ground game I’ve been expecting from Bucky for a while now.

Dallas was…bleh…on Sunday.

They still commit dumb-assed penalties.  They still can’t block for the run.  They still have trouble protecting El Choko (although, to be fair, they kept him upright Sunday).  And they still allow quarterbacks & wideouts to play pitch & catch.

That said…Carolina helped them out.  Cam Newton was positively awful in that game.  He had a couple of good runs, and a nice pass or two, but for this guy, a former #1 draft pick, to have this kind of day against a team that he should  have dominated (even moreso when Sean Lee went out with a toe injury)…sad.

But that’s the kind of year it’s going to be for the Panthers.  At least they’ll get another high draft pick out of it.

The General advises me that the Generalette is, shall we say, very interested in my take on Frog-Raider Saturday.

Now, I only caught snippets of the game, the Mrs. and me having been invited to a birthday dinner out in Far West Fort Worth/Benbrook (very close to the old digs where SCBBS all started twenty years ago).

But I will make two observations:

1. A wholly intact Frog team – and this means no drug bust back in the spring, Tanner Brock and the rest of them never get removed from the team, no Casey Pachall DUI bust/subsequent suspension and departure, Stansly Maponga not injured, etc. – would have destroyed Tech, and it wouldn’t have even been close.  As much as this loss tears my insides up like a cheese grater, I can at least take solace in that Tuberville’s crew only won by three, in three  overtimes, playing basically the equivalent of a JV squad.

2. Tech & the rest of the Big-However-Many-There-Are had best get ready.  Because in two or three years, when these guys are all upperclassmen, the Frogs are gonna make that national championship run.  Meaning, we’re gonna be treating the conference like the old Mountain West.

So get your lumps in now, guys.  In two years…it’s payback time.

This week:  5-2.  Overall:  32-16*

(* At least, I think  that’s what it is – kinda difficult to go back over the last couple weeks, for obvious (if you’ve been keeping up) reasons.)

Now that we’re back in the swing, the PFW will return Friday, when we’ll celebrate Homecoming Week.  See you then.

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