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Oooooooh, are they pissed off in Austin. 

Wylie East 63, Whitehouse 56

TCU 20, at #16 Texas 13

at #13 Oklahoma 51, #21 Oklahoma State 48 (OT)

#14 Nebraska 13, at Iowa 7

Wisconsin 21, at (hack, spit) Penn State (hack, spit) 24 (OT)

at Dallas 31, Washington 38

New favorite “hah skrewl” (a little Rush lingo, there) team Wylie East survived a scare against Whitehouse.  Kevon Mack scored on a six-yard run with just under a minute left to seal the win.  (Don’t bother clicking the link – it’s the Moaning Snooze’s pay site.)

Landry Jones had his second straight 500-yard passing day (along with three scores), and RB Brennan Clay pounded it in from 18 yards out after the Sooners held OSU to a field goal in overtime.

Nebraska could get absolutely nowhere  against the Hawkeyes, who looked for all the world like the old Pittsburgh Steelers out there…right down to the uniforms.

Nebraska’s offense spent much of the day stifled by a stiff wind that gusted up to 40 mph and a surprisingly stout Iowa defense.


A mild fall in the Midwest came to an abrupt end on Friday.

During the national anthem, the breeze at Kinnick Stadium was so strong it nearly blew over the American flag — and the man holding it. The wind chill hovered in the teens all day.

The conditions made passing a risky venture. Martinez threw for just 63 yards, while Iowa’s James Vandenberg had 92 yards passing and two picks.

“It was really difficult. That wind and that cold weather,” Martinez said. “My hands were frozen.”

Rex Burkhead (five straight missed games) to the rescue.

On a cold and blustery afternoon with a spot in the Big Ten title game on the line, Burkhead proved why he’s so valuable to the Huskers.

Burkhead scored the go-ahead touchdown in his return from a knee injury and Nebraska (No. 14 BCS, No. 17 AP) beat Iowa 13-7 on Friday to claim the Legends Division’s berth in the championship game.

Fire Bret Bielema.  That’s all I’ve got to say about that.

You’re a major college program, and you let the Nittany Pussies beat you, jackass.

Yes, the Nittany Pussies.  A half-assed excuse-for-a-college football program that lost about a third of its players this year after they dragged a good man through the sewage for doing what Pennsylvania state law required him to do concerning Jerry Sandusky.  And your half-assed team can’t beat them.

You don’t deserve to be a head coach, Bielema.  Hell – you might be worse than Todd Whitten – and that’s  saying something.

And, speaking of morons who don’t deserve to be head coaches…

Fire Rob Ryan now.

I’ll say it again:  ARRRRRRRRRR GEEEEEEEEEE THREEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!  simply.  Isn’t.  That.  Good.  He’s Donna McNabb without the talent.

Yet, the Cowgirl e-fense – that’s right, no D – allows him 28 points during a second quarter collapse, then allows him another  touchdown pass in the third, all because after 10 games, this piece-of-shit unit hasn’t figured out WHO THE FUCKING HELL TO COVER!!!!!!!!  on pass patterns.

And then the Lame-Assed Media™ treats the pussy like he’s the Second Coming™.

Bull.  Fucking.  Shit.

I’ll say it again:  If he’s That Damned Good™ (a little Triple H lingo, there), explain A&M.  Explain Oklahoma State.  Tell me why he damned near lost to Kansas, the worst defense in the nation last year.  Explain how, had TCU had a field-goal kicker last year, America’s Darling™ would be OH-AND-FUCKING-TWO  against them

Moreover, explain the six teams that have buried the Foreskins this year.

Last but not least, explain how He Who Supposedly Walks On Water™ couldn’t run away from this:

I.  Rest.  My.  Fucking.  Case.

Yet, it all speaks more to the cupcake-ness of the Cowgirls than it does to any alleged talent that ARRRRRRRRRR GEEEEEEEEEE THREEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!  might possibly possess.  A team with scant more than a half-assed defense would pound this assclown into the turf.

Dallas…doesn’t.  And never will, as long as Owner Jethro is more interested in having Victoria’s Secret at Cowgirls Stadium than having an actual football team housed there.

The final score of Frog-Short-Dick Longhorn Short-dick is not indicative of just how TU was abso-fuckin’-lutely dominated.  Flat-out, TCU kicked Mack Brown’s ass.  Up the field & right back down.

And they’re not happy about it in Austin.  Not at all:

Organized. Intense. Prepared. Three words that wouldn’t describe the Texas Longhorns in their 20-13 loss Thanksgiving night to TCU.

Whatever momentum the Longhorns built in their wins over Texas Tech and Iowa State, and whatever growth was made by the program during that time, now appears gone. When the Horned Frogs weren’t pounding the Longhorns into submission, Texas did the damage to itself in a game that was as frustrating and deflating as any of the recent ones in the Mack Brown era that fit the description.

What went wrong? And where are the Longhorns — 8-3 overall, 5-3 in the Big 12 — at this late point in their season?

A fish rots from the head down.

Thank you Jeff for telling it like it is. Mack and company discount fan grumblings. The longhorns were unprepared for what hit them and unable to adjust. In fact, TCU made better adjustments than did Texas and they were ahead. The coaches should not worry because the winning season will bring the traditional performance bonuses.

The only thing that is going to turn around this program is to fire Mack effective at the end of the season and ya might wanna look at firing Dodds as well. This milk and cookies approach that Mack has is not and will not work. Texas needs to cut its losses and move on.


An elite program in sports wins the games it should and then even wins a few of the games it is predicted to lose. Given that Texas pretty well has the pick of high school athletes in Texas, the question is why teams such as TCU, Baylor, West Virginia, and Kansas gave us trouble. It is the recruiting? Is it the coaching? We just do not know. But what is clear from the examples at Notre Dame, A&M, Florida State, and Florida, that a good coaching staff does make a difference even if the talent is roughly the same as before. I think today’s game needs great coaching. MB is just not getting the job done so you are either satisfied where we are today or you have to move on.

I agree with coach -They’re real good and by the way they are better than TCU. I stopped my delusion 3 years ago(5-7). As long as saleman at the top of the helm, I would like to have my reality in check. I refuse to be led by someone who coach the top ten in the country of recruit classes into an average team at best.

Ex-squeeze me?.  Baking powder?

“Better than TCU”?

I hate to tell that last commenter (“Notarious”, whatever that  means) something – but TCU did this with what is, basically, what should have been second-and-third stringers this year.  Boykin.  Catalon.  Sam Carter.  Fields.  LaDarius Brown.  Cam White.  Ray Burns.

Your average T-sipper (complete with outstretched pinky) won’t want to hear this, but a completely-intact TCU squad – with Pachall and Waymon James and Tanner Brock and all the rest of those guys still playing – would have totally demolished  Tee Ewe.  I’m talking blow-fucking-out here.

But that’s Tee Ewe for you:  An entitlement attitude in a city dominated by the Entitlement Party (yes, that would be the Demoscum).  And that’s  why kicking their Burnt Orange asses was so schweet.

So much so, in fact, that – despite Bucky failing me – it’s time for Yet Another Executive Fiat™. 

This week:  4-2.  Perfect Football Weekend™ achieved (Executive Fiat (5)).  Overall:  53-28.

The PFW returns Friday, when we guarantee we won’t have a PFW – for reasons that will become abundantly clear.  See you then.

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