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Those were the words of our President on this day in 1941. Today most folks seem to have forgotten what happened shortly after 0700 at Pearl Harbor on this day in 1941. While I could rant and rave about how we so quickly forget, such a rant would be misplaced and wrong headed. The Japanese attack happened 72 years ago, and it is fitting and proper that while we should not forget, we should also move on. We best honor those who gave their lived in our nation’s defense by working to make something of ourselves, our community and our nation, not by continual mourning.

As I understand history, this has been the nature of Humanity for most of our existence. Our ancestors would honor and mourn their dead, but they would quickly move on. The nature of life and death in the past demanded this. In times gone by death was a part of daily life. Accident and disease killed people every day and the grind of daily life left little time for grieving or for dwelling on memorials.

Today our success in extending human life, and in making that life easier and more disease free has given us an odd desire to dwell on those who have died. In doing this we help no one, the living or the dead. Yes, we should remember and grieve for those who are taken from us, especially those who are taken by tragedies such as Pearl Harbor, Oklahoma city and Sandy Hook, but if you would truly honor them, move on, do not dwell on the tragedy, but look forward to the life yet to come.

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