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I’ll grant them this much:  They upgraded their backup quarterback.

Dallas 7, at San Diego 27

at Detroit 13, Cleveland 12

at Arizona 32, Houston 0

Houston appears to have ditched Case Keenum for…Ryan Fitzpatrick?

Picked by the same Little Willie O’Brien who…decided to succeed Joe Paterno at Penn State.

This guy ain’t the sharpest push pin on the bulletin board, is he?

Sorry, General.  Gonna be another long year in Houston.

Johnny Football looked pretty good.  For a rookie.  Cleveland quarterback.

(Yeah, I know – but they haven’t had anyone halfway decent since Kosar, so cut’m some slack, mkay?)

The Cowboys…can run.

And run well.

Good.  Maybe El Choko won’t be quite as…er…um…exposed  this year.

They’re gonna have to run…to shorten games and keep that POS defense off the field.

Let’s make one thing clear, Charger fans.  You moved the ball on a swiss cheese defense the other night.  You ain’t gonna do that against Kansas City.

There were a couple of bright spots:  Brandon Weeden is definitely a serviceable backup quarterback. He looks a damned sight better than Kyle “Take His Ball & Go Home” Orton.

And…as much as I hate this clown and hate to admit it…the Cowboys may have found a safety that can bring some wood to the defense.  I refer, of course, to Ahmad “Thug” Dixon, late of the Baylor Douchewads.  Guy can hit & tackle.  I give him three weeks, tops, before Jason “Red Headed Jesus” Garrett decides Dixon needs to start.

The PFW will return Saturday, when we will decry hanky-happy zebras and the No Fun League that employs them.

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