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And once again…the “dress rehearsal” turns out to be a clunker.

Dallas 20, at Miami 25

Cincinnati 19, at Arizona 13

at San Transexual 19, San Diego 13

Dalton 13-21-157 as the Bengals racked up 337 total yards in beating the Cardinals.

Following an early-morning earthquake near the Napa Valley, the Fairy Whiners win their first game at their new stadium as San Diego continues to have reality pounded into their heads that maybe, just maybe, they’re not quite as good as they thought they were when they beat the Cowgirlz.

Speaking of whom…this motley crew isn’t ready for the season.

If it wasn’t one thing for the offense, it was another.  Penalty-free play? Someone probably got in El Choko’s face.  Clean jersey for Romo?  Someone probably held.

The defense didn’t play much better…but then again, we’re at least expecting  that this year.

Better get used to it.  Gonna be like this all year long.

The PFW returns Thursday, when things start up for real.  (All hands on deck for the annual “Corny” call!)

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